[bittorrent] Robert Hunter 1979-09-23 Seattle, WA FOH audience

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Torrent Name:   Robert Hunter 1979-09-23 Seattle, WA FOH audience
Uploaded by:    furnab2lax
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=544429

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Description / text file:
Robert Hunter
Rainbow Tavern,
Seattle, WA

front of house audience recording,
provided by visions of johanna

unknown mikes and recorder>?>?>low gen tape, Maxell XLII 90 minute tape (mid-80's vintage)

source tape(s)>Harmon Kardon TD 302 cassette deck, heads aligned to each tape segment>
Zoom H2 (16/44.1)>edited and tracked with wavepad>
FLAC (level 8 ) & checksums via traderslittlehelper

Analog>digital transfer and all other mastering by arfarf.

No EQ, normalization or other sweetening of what I hope is an accurate reflection 
of the source recording.
Analog to digital transfer 2011-04-22

01 Friend Of The Devil
02 Box Of Rain
03 Mr. Charlie>
    Easy Wind
04 One Thing To Try
05 Candyman
06 Dire Wolf>
    Dire Wolf
07 Althea
08 China Cat Sunflower>
    The Eleven>
    China Cat Sunflower
09 Keys To The Rain
    -tape flip-
10 //Mississippi Half Step
11 Tales Of The Great Rum Runners>
12 Truckin'
13 Tiger Rose>
14 Reuben And Cherise
15 Boys In The Barroom

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