[bittorrent] GBA-The Mint, Los Angeles 4-23-11 3 Mic Source

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Band:           GreyBoy AllStars
Torrent Name:   GBA-The Mint, Los Angeles 4-23-11 3 Mic Source
Uploaded by:    datpat
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=544413

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Description / text file:
Los Angeles, CA 4-23-11
Setlist un-documented
Source info:
There were 2 rigs ran that night mine and macdaddy's and we were both at the same location more or less. My rig consisted off:
Pair AKG 460 with CK1 Active Cable set up + one Rode NT6 with Omni Cap.
Mixed down all 3 in post with Soundforge 9.0 460-Ran to V3-Digi Out to deck, and Rode went to a Littlebox with output stage transformer analog into Dr-680.
My card ran out of space at the last minute of the 1st set so i used Mac Daddy's source for the last 1 minute of the song. If you want to compare this recording 
with Macdaddy's you can download track 8 and you hear at the last 1 minute of the song a switch takes place. Both sources are good. But different Mac's is a little more airy
since he ran Blumlein, and mine seems a bit more upfront. Take a listen you cant go wrong with either source just a preference sort of thing.
REcorded, Mastered and Posted by Pat Myers AKA DATPAT

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