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Torrent Name:   Robert Plant and the Band of Joy  Wanee  FOB  DPA4022
Uploaded by:    ttrego2003
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Description / text file:
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy
Wanee Music Fest
Live Oak,FL
Peach Stage
April 15, 2011

  source: DPA 4022> Tmod FR2LE @ 24/48
Location: FOB,TS,DFC,ORTF,@ 10FT
Transfer: USB>cd wave editor>wavelab[fades,add +3db of gain,dither 16/44]>traders little helper>flac

01. Black Dog
02. Down by the Sea
03. Angel Dance
04. Black county women
05. House of Cards
06. Monkey
07. Somewhere trouble don't go
08. Gallows pole
09. How many times have you heard someone say
10. Satan your kingdom must come down
11. Ocean of tears
12. I'm in the mood for a melody
13. Please read the letter 
14. House of the holy
15. Ramble on

16. Banter
17. Central 208
18. Rock N Roll
19. Hard rain is gonna fall

Disk split atfer track 12.
Thanks to B Watson for everything and the FOB crew.

Taped by Todd Trego

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