[bittorrent] Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers - November 20 2004 .. Portland, OR

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Band:           Bruce Hornsby
Torrent Name:   Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers - November 20 2004 .. Portland, OR
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Not from the current tour, I'm afraid - yet - not sure the tapers know they've got permission again?

Once again, I have none of the lineage details - sorry. Just a stack of recordings that have been passed my way. 2004 is the "Halcyon Days" era, although few songs from that release were played that night.

Highlights include three "unknown" boys who had found their way backstage each getting a drum solo in the encore.

I'm working on assembling a list of shows - if you have any requests, please send them via my website @ www.bruuuce.com or simontwining at yahoo.co.uk.

Also please visit DailyDoseDay.com, where on May 30 2011 we will be releasing rare and coveted live music from:

* Bruce Hornsby
* Dave Matthews
* Grateful Dead
* Phish and 
* Bela Fleck

... all on the hour, every hour, for 25 straight hours! 25 songs from each, free of charge of course, but with donations invited in aid of the ALS Association and the NSPCC for abused children. We have some great contests lined up also.

All coming on May 30 at www.DailyDoseDay.com - you can subscribe on the site for updates, and there are some treats already up. Any questions or requests, my e-mail address is below.

In the meantime, enjoy this great show from 1996!

- Si Twining
simontwining at yahoo.co.uk


Disc One

01. Hot House Ball
02. Piano Intro >
03. Circus on the Moon
04. Circus on the Moon bridge >
05. Long Tall Cool One >
06. The Show Goes On
07. Gonna Be Some Changes Made >
08. (Betchya By Golly Wow) >
09. Gonna Be Some Changes Made
10. Defenders of the Flag
11. What the Hell Happened to Me
12. The Way It Is

Disc Two

01. Banter "JT is a serious insider" >
02. (Come on JT) >
03. Great Divide >
04. Sir Duke >
05. 1999 >
06. Great Divide
07. Sunflower Cat
08. Swan Song

Disc Three

01. (Rhapsody in Blue)
02. (Webern 12 Tone)
03. Mandolin Rain >
04. (Brokedown Palace)
05. Rainbow's Cadillac >
06. Across the River
07. Cruise Control
08. Dreamland

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