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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   ph1991-04-20 ::University Cafeteria Rochester NY ::[SBD] SHNfamily TiPh Companion]
Uploaded by:    shnfamily
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Description / text file:
University Cafeteria
University of Rochester; Rochester, NY

Source: SBD>DAT>Cass/x>DAT>REBA (editing, hiss softening, resampling, dithering)>SHNv3

Transfer:Sony TC-KA3ES > Tascam DA-40 @ 48kHz > REBA
Thanks to Ed Cochran for the Tapes

Set 1:
01) Runaway Jim
02) Reba*
03) Llama
04) Fluffhead
05) My Sweet One
06) The Landlady
07) Esther**
08) Chalkdust Torture
09) Bouncin' Around the Room
10) You Enjoy Myself > Setting Sail***

Set 2:
01) The Sloth
02) Ya Mar
03) Split Open and Melt
04) The Squirming Coil
05) Paul & Silas
06) Cavern
07) TMWSIY >
08) Avenu Malkenu >
10) Tweezer**
11) Oh Kee Pa Ceremony >
12) Suzie Greenberg
13) Sweet Adeline
14) Horn
15) Alumni Blues

* Drop out, smoothed as much as possible
** Cuts (due to tape flip, appears at the start of the songs)
*** First time played

Great show...only about 200-300 people can fit into the cafeteria at the U of R. The boys played their butts off for those who were there. The energy is very high all night. Hopefully this will just egg whoever has the master DAT's (or a clone of them) to get off their butts and SHN it...but until that time comes, this is what we have....and with this show, I'll take what I can get! Love the comments about the car giveaway (listen to 9-26-91 for the car giveaway) at the start of set 2....gotta love hearing Fishman yelling the words "YEAH!! DOPE!!! He Probably bought dope with the money...DOPE!!"

}}Tech Notes{{
This show has gone through an unknown ammount of analog generations before this transfer. This is by no means a *great* sounding recording. The pitch was way off, more than 1 whole step. This was corrected in Wavelab using the highest quality/accuracy settings possible. Horn still sounds horribly offspeed, but rest assured that it was changed in relation to the rest of the material. The tape, as I recieved it, was in pretty bad shape. The levels of the high frequencies are almost non-audible...I contacted a few others I know that have these tapes as well, and this problem was present on everyone's copies. The high-frequency hiss was so unbearable, I had to try and remove it while retaining what was left of the audible high-frequencies. I did this to the best of my abilities. While not perfect, if listened to with the treble not jacked up all the way it is bearable... I can only imagine what the source DAT's must sound like...the seperation is wonderful even on these tapes. Al
 l work was done at the 192kHz sample rate before downsampling to 44.1kHz for final mastering for CD. 

Seeded By Mr.Marmar 10/26/2002

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