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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   Grateful Dead 7/2/88 Matrix
Uploaded by:    forbin1221
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=544194

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Description / text file:

Description:	Grateful Dead
Oxford Plains Speedway
Oxford, ME
July 2, 1988

SBD + AUD Matrix Mix (60%-SBD/40%-AUD)

Disc 1 - Set 1

01 [01.21] Tuning
02 [06.04] Aiko Aiko
03 [06.08] Jack Straw
04 [07.40] West L.A. Fadeaway
05 [01.09] Let Phil Sing Chant & Rant
06 [08.12] Memphis Blues
07 [00.51] Let Mickey Sing Chant & Rant
08 [11.09] Row Jimmy
09 [07.25] Blow Away  
10 [05.37] Victim Or the Crime  >
11 [09.03] Foolish Heart
TT [64.42]  

Disc 2 - Set 2a

01 [01.06] Tuning
02 [09.33] Crazy Fingers                        
03 [09.50] Playing in the Band >  
04 [08.16] Uncle John's Band >
05 [11.51] Terrapin Station >  
06 [07.22] Drums >
TT [48.00]  

Disc 3 - Set 2b

01 [09.03] Space >
02 [04.14] The Wheel >
03 [05.06] Gimme Some Lovin' >
04 [05.44] Watchtower >
05 [11.12] Morning Dew >
06 [09.54] Sugar Magnolia  
07 [05.14] Mighty Quinn
TT [50.18]  


Source Info

SBD (ShnID = 86817)
Transfer Info:
SBD > DAT (48k)
DAT (Sony R500) > Samplitude Professional v9.11 > FLAC
Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller, August 8, 2007
Patch Info:
SBD > Cassette Master > DAT (44.1k) supplies:
Start of show through Row Jimmy

AUD (ShnID = 1031)
Source: FOB Schoeps CMC42s, Spaced Omni > Sony PCM F1/SL2000 >
PCM 601ES > DAT a year later
Taper: Rich Gastwirt, CDR > SHN by Wulf

Thanks to all the hard work from the folks mentioned above with
their loving care getting these sources out.  Also a thanks for
some of the images used in creation of the artwork.  I found them
years ago on the net and do not have any way to properly credit.


Notes on the Source Material

SBD (ShnID = 80840)
Perfectly balanced and flawless SBD recording and perfect transfer
by Charlie Miller.  These patched tunes are also in good perfect
condition.  Other than some slight speed flux and a tiny bit of hiss
it was hard to even know these tunes were sourced from a cassette.  
The patch job, splice into the DSBD source, was very well done.

AUD1 (ShnID = 31211)
Great sounding above average FOB. Huge, wide open sound made directly
to PCM. Nice balanced sound, no flaws and a clean transfer.


Tech Notes

FLAC/SHNs were decoded to wave. Wavemerge was used to reassemble the
entire show back to 1 long wave.  CEP2.0 was used to align & synch
all of the sources.  CEP2.0 was used for the multitrack mixdown.  
This is a 60%-SBD, 40%-AUD1 mix.      
- Mixed by dan at am-dig.com
- FLAC conversion done 24-MAY-2008
- Original SHN conversion 01-DEC-2004 (ShnID = 21211)  
- Artwork at 300dpi by dan at am-dig.com
- For best results print at the highest resolution onto glossy
photo paper.  Design for use in a 6CD multi case for both the July
2 and 3 shows.  Also included is artwork for a clear double jewel
case to hold each show individually.


Multitrack Mixdown Settings

Stereo Matrix  
SBD -2db
AUD -5.5db



DC offset was corrected on the FOB.

AUD source disc 2 to Disc 3 was not seamless.  A reverse fade and
then removal of overlapping material.

The following songs patched from Cassette Master SBD: Tuning, Aiko,
Jack Straw, West L.A. Fadeaway, Let Phil Sing, Memphis Blues, Let
Mickey Sing and Row Jimmy.  The cassette SBD used for the patch
material is very good and the source change is hard to detect.

d1t07 "Let Mickey Sing Chant" is just from the AUD source.  This
was crossfaded, EQ'ed with some volume adjustments to blend better.
This patch turned out very well and is hard to detect.



Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals)
Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)
Phil Lesh (bass)
Brent Mydland (keyboards, vocals)
Mickey Hart (drums, percussions)
Bill Kreutzmann (drums, percussions)


Additional Formats

This show is available in the following formats:

1. The SBD and AUD sources listed above at 16/44
2. CD-Audio Stereo SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 16/44
3. CD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound DTS-Audio-CD at 16/44
4. DVD-Audio Stereo SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 24/48
5. DVD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound at 16/44 (6 channel x 16/44)

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