[bittorrent] ph1993-04-17 :: Michigan Theatre Ann Arbor MI [SBD] SHNfamily TiPh Companion]

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   ph1993-04-17 ::  Michigan Theatre Ann Arbor MI [SBD] SHNfamily TiPh Companion]
Uploaded by:    shnfamily
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=544150

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Description / text file:
Michigan Theatre
Ann Arbor, MI
SOURCE:  Master DAT soundboard @ 48Khz > DAT > CDR
Seeded/Uploaded By Mike Batta

notes: some cuts in the soundcheck.   The md5 for disc one is named without the D1. This is the first of a series of mostly uncirculated (as of 4/00) digital boards I will pump out in the near future. The track setup on this one places the soundcheck first, just my choice...rearrange if you want.    Please email me with any comments/concerns.  Thanks and enjoy the Batta Board!

-mike batta
mbatta at mediaone.net

Disc One

1. Can't Explain
2. I Can See for Miles
3. Substitute
4. L.A. Woman

Set I:
5. Llama
7. Bouncin'
8. Stash
9. It's Ice
10. Glide
11. My Friend My Friend
12. All Thing Reconsidered
13. Golgi

Disc Two

Set I (cont):
1. Antelope

Set II:
1. Wilson
3. Reba
4. Landlady
5. Halley's Comet
6. YEM
7. Lifeboy

Disc Three

Set II (Cont):
1. Oh Kee Pa >
2. Suzie
4. Cracklin' Rosie
6. Big Ball Jam
7. Squirming Coil

8. Sweet Adeline
10. (PA Music)

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