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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   gd78-12-22.14562.aud.cotsman.sbeok.t-flac16
Uploaded by:    germain
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/14562
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=544142

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/germain

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 14562

Grateful Dead
Convention Center Arena,
Dallas, Texas


--Set 1--
(missing) - Shakedown Street
102-d1t01 - /Me & My Uncle -> 
103-d1t02 - Big River 
104-d1t03 - /Tennessee Jed 
105-d1t04 - Looks Like Rain 
106-d1t05 - Stagger Lee 
107-d1t06 - Beat It on Down the Line 
108-d1t07 - Candyman// 
109-d1t08 - New Minglewood Blues -> 
110-d1t09 - Deal 

--set 2--
201-d2t01 - Scarlet Begonias -> 
202-d2t02 - Fire On The Mountain 
203-d2t03 - From The Heart of Me 
204-d2t04 - Estimated Prophet -> 
205-d2t05 - Eyes of the World -> 
206-d2t06 - Drums -> 
207-d2t07 - Not Fade Away -> 
208-d2t08 - Wharf Rat// 
(missing) - closing song(s)


--disc 1 total time--56:24--
--disc 2 total time--72:32--

--first few notes of Me & My Uncle are clipped
--first few notes of Tennessee Jed are clipped
--splice at the very beginning of Drums
--Sound Forge was used for pitch correction and minor edits

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2003

Thanks to Chuck Kiefe
edits/encoding by JCotsman

Flac encoding notes:
All processing with Trader's Little Helper
Shn - st5 generated
Shn > Flac ( level 8 )
Flac - st5 generated and matched to Shn st5

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file. 
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files. 
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped, 
however audio data will remain unaffected. 
If you must transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use st5 to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
B. Proctor 4-07-11

; shntool md5 fingerprint file 
37524bd5abb038fc9336b6cfc063845c  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t01.shn
a796b1449e7c96aeb70a13197e6d21ad  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t02.shn
04b13bdc79692c11b262980dea08f2f7  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t03.shn
28a695c79522189f3bfec2953bb1e9d0  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t04.shn
2898018ca5fbf5db6ae8675cdd68f49c  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t05.shn
e4176c27c75970c3c527fd4400840343  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t06.shn
e5d391328d7a96a03d6e2671c77e65c6  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t07.shn
c32074fdbbdaf88593bca8a6c0d4a6d5  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t08.shn
028d27aa739e5c9ace562511591bd49a  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t09.shn
fd07e1337e0de2ebb4d5d0d8fd53bb23  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t01.shn
93d33f1b2f9f8d21c0da714b6d828eb3  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t02.shn
5a9d02d628a803c62a7065d82e21c8db  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t03.shn
b01e28986a52582c4e53abe0e42e319e  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t04.shn
e4de0365393b1f8f2af74c741f0af790  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t05.shn
848c96e44086bc47af0e16e1f855e0f6  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t06.shn
7d9379f199a6a606fa107002d42f270b  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t07.shn
498a7dd657edd2bb0512f9bffad8d138  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t08.shn

; shntool md5 fingerprint file 
37524bd5abb038fc9336b6cfc063845c  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t01.flac
a796b1449e7c96aeb70a13197e6d21ad  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t02.flac
04b13bdc79692c11b262980dea08f2f7  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t03.flac
28a695c79522189f3bfec2953bb1e9d0  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t04.flac
2898018ca5fbf5db6ae8675cdd68f49c  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t05.flac
e4176c27c75970c3c527fd4400840343  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t06.flac
e5d391328d7a96a03d6e2671c77e65c6  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t07.flac
c32074fdbbdaf88593bca8a6c0d4a6d5  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t08.flac
028d27aa739e5c9ace562511591bd49a  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d1t09.flac
fd07e1337e0de2ebb4d5d0d8fd53bb23  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t01.flac
93d33f1b2f9f8d21c0da714b6d828eb3  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t02.flac
5a9d02d628a803c62a7065d82e21c8db  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t03.flac
b01e28986a52582c4e53abe0e42e319e  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t04.flac
e4de0365393b1f8f2af74c741f0af790  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t05.flac
848c96e44086bc47af0e16e1f855e0f6  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t06.flac
7d9379f199a6a606fa107002d42f270b  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t07.flac
498a7dd657edd2bb0512f9bffad8d138  [shntool]  gd78-12-22d2t08.flac

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