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Torrent Name:   The Steepwater Band 2011-04-09 The Mission, Jefferson City, Mo aud flac16
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Description / text file:
The Steepwater Band

The Mission
Jefferson City, Mo

s1t01 08:04.54 Come On In My Kitchen->A Political Blues->Come On In My Kitchen->
s1t02 05:21.34 Fire Away
s1t03 06:49.25 Revelation Sunday
s1t04 03:20.65 My Back Pocket
s1t05 05:54.20 Indiana Line
s1t06 04:43.20 Collision
s1t07 04:58.38 Healer
s1t08 04:33.16 Dance Me A Number
s1t09 09:03.34 Two Mules And A Rainbow
s1t10 05:59.55 Wheel
s1t11 16:45.69 Waiting To Be Offended
s1tot 75:34.55

s2t01 00:20.27 Intro
s2t02 04:11.66 What's This?
s2t03 06:51.51 Checking On My Baby
s2t04 05:00.66 One Way Ride
s2t05 04:50.09 Back To The Bottle
s2t06 03:12.66 Lord Knows
s2t07 13:17.25 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp->Jam->That's The Way->Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
s2t08 10:19.64 Wake Up And Walk Away
s2t09 05:39.24 Live With Me*
s2t10 16:00.14 Cortez The Killer*
s2t11 04:56.01 Riding In The Moonlight#
s2tot 74:40.38

s3t01 00:49.67 Intro
s3t02 08:19.23 Stop Breaking Down+
s3t03 09:40.03 Never Was Afraid To Be Alone^
s3t04 07:02.35 Statesboro Blues+
s3t05 04:08.45 Baby, Let Me Follow You Down**
s3tot 30:00.23

xxtot 180:15.41

* w/Jeremy from Driving Wheel on guitar and vocals
# w/Rich on vocals and Jeremy on guitar
+ w/Steven from Lions of Hazelwood on guitar
^ w/Steven on guitar and vocals
** w/Jeremy on vocals

"Stars Look Good Tonight" was on setlist between "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" and "Wake Up And Walk Away" but was not played.

Jeff Massey - guitar and vocals
Tod Bowers - bass and backing vocals
Joe Winters - drums

Zoom H4(lowcut=3/levelswitch=l/44.1Khz at 24b, Clipped to micstand stage end of bar)
Goldwav(unlowcut,comp,volmax,tracking, split to 16b)
razorlame -b 80 -m j -V 4 -B 320 for mp3s
Traders Little helper(ffp,md5,flacs-level=6)

Thanks of course to the band for letting me do this.
Please dont forget to go to their gigs, check out their merch, and visit their website

Share, never sell, and as Ribblefribbitz says: "Please do not convert to Edison tin cylinders or 78rpm wax discs."

Some jpgs are included for your enjoyment

I need to thank Jeremy for all his help with this series, with the setlists, and even getting my ass to the clubs.


If i dont say this it happens: Connections may seem to come and go without reason. It may be slow at times, often my ISP limits me to 5-8 up, please be patient.
For those less patient full vbr "sample" mp3s are not yet uploaded. Ditto for youtube.

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