[bittorrent] Doc Watson Rockygrass 2002 Lyons CO MBHO FOB

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Torrent Name:   Doc Watson Rockygrass 2002 Lyons CO MBHO FOB
Uploaded by:    e_dubs
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Description / text file:
Doc Watson
Rockygrass 2002 7-27-2002
MBHO 603 Cards DMIC20 M1 ORTF 3' high 20' FOB center
Thanks to the the world's most amazing bluegrass audience
and Nashphil for the real estate. 

01 Introduction
02 Hello Hello Hello
03 House Of The Rising Sun 
04 Moody River
05 Life Gets Tedious
06 Summertime
07 Tea For Tennessee
08 Going To Chicago Blues
09 I Am A Pilgrim
10 Corrinna
11 I'll Never See My Home Again
12 Eight More Miles To Louisville
13 Shady Grove
14 You're My Best Friend
15 Mean Mama
16 Windy and Warm
17 Knights In White Satin
18 (fingerpick)
19 Tennessee Stud

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