[bittorrent] The Henhouse Prowlers 4-9-2011 Peaches Bar and Grill Yellow Springs. OH

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Torrent Name:   The Henhouse Prowlers 4-9-2011 Peaches Bar and Grill Yellow Springs. OH
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Description / text file:
The Henhouse Prowlers
Peaches Bar & Grill
Yellow Springs, OH

Line up:
Ben Wright: banjo
Jon Goldfine: bass
Eric Lambert: guitar
Grant Ziolkowski: mandolin


Source: Zoom H1 (internal mics)
Location: 5 ft. in front of the band
Transfered: Kodak 50in1 card reader>pc>Audacity 1.3.12 Beta 44.1 Hz (Click Removal and Amplify) > TLH8 
Recorded/ Transfered/ Converted by Gary H.

*** Be sure to thank and support the artist's who support taping! ***

Disc 1:
d1t01. tuning >intro.>Take Me Back to You 
d1t02. Shadow of a Man
d1t03. Make Me a Bed Down by the River
d1t04. When the Phone Don't Ring
d1t05. ? (instrumental)
d1t06. Southbound
d1t07. Doin' Alright
d1t08. Rock and Be My Baby
d1t09. ?
d1t10. Uncle Bubba
d1t11. song intro.
d1t12. Why You Been Gone So Long?
d1t13. Black Russian River
d1t14. crowd/ tuning
d1t15. Thirty Years of Farming
d1t16. Forty Years of Suffering
d1t17. Caroline
d1t18. Rocky Road Blues 
d1t19. *(2nd SET)* tuning/ crowd 
d1t20. ? (instrumental)
d1t21. Love of the Mountains
d1t22. Soldiers Joy
d1t23. Love Please Come Home
d1t24. Mountain Dew

Disc 2:
d2t01. Sunnyside of the Mountain
d2t02. *(Break to tune the guest mandolin)* crowd/ Tuning
d2t03. Syracuse
d2t04. I'm a Rambler
d2t05. tuning/ crowd
d2t06. ?
d2t07. High on the Mountain Top
d2t08. Soul Saver
d2t09. ?
d2t10. tuning/ crowd
d2t11. I'm Trouble
d2t12. Viola Lee Blues
d2t13. Up & Down the Mountain
d2t14. Nine Pound Hammer
d2t15. Slippery When Wet
d2t16. tuning/ crowd/ bad joke
d2t17. How Mountain Girls Can Love
d2t18. I Never Been to Heaven
d2t19. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
d2t20. tuning/ crowd
d2t21. Nellie Cane
d2t22. banter
d2t23. Ragged Man
d2t24. ? (a brand new song)
d2t25. tuning /crowd
d2t26. Nobody's Fault But Mine 

Notes: During the set break an unfortunate mishap took place that deemed Grant's mandolin not playable. The 2nd set Grant sat in on fiddle and guitar. 8 songs into the second set, the guest mandolin showed up. It was provided by a local musician, Nate. Way to save the day, Nate!!

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