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Bennett Harris Blues Duo
Sunday, April 10 at 2:00 pm
Bayport-Blue Point Library
Blue Point, NY

Acoustic Duo w/ Gary Brooks

Taped and Transfered by:
Brian Mandel gdplusmore at aol.com
2 Nakamichi CM100's CP1's  DIN ->Nakamichi MX-100 ->JB3
JB3 >Firewire>Dell >CD Wave->flac
Sector boundaries verrified via shn tools.

1.   Tuning/Intro
2.    Winding Boy Blues
3.    You've Been a Good Old Wagon 
4.    Tuning
5.    Deep River Blues
6.    Embryonic Journey
7.    Chump Man Blues
8.    Candy Man
9.    Big River
10.  Devil Got My Woman
11.  Guitar Change/ Guitar  Banter
12.  Instrumental Medley: Tampa's Boogie Dance/Janda 
13.  Built for Comfort
14.  Blues Banter
15.  Ragged & Dirty
16.  Blues Banter/Tuning
17.   On A Monday
18.  Siting on Top of the World
19.  Guitar Change/Tuning/Banter
20.  Drop Down Mama 
21.   Got My Mojo Working

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