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Torrent Name:   Psycho Grass 03-05-24 RESEED BY REQUEST
Uploaded by:    indydarkstar
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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Psychograss 2003-05-24
The Acoustic Café
Hayden, Alabama

Soundboard > CDR > EAC > HD > CEP2.1 (mastering, including insertion of AUD patches) > EAC Wave Editor (tracking, aligned on sector boundaries) > flac > DIME

AUD patches are from Minidisc source.  Patch locations are noted in the setlist.

Darol Anger ~ fiddle
Tony Trishka ~ banjo
David Grier ~ guitar
Mike Marshall ~ mandolin
Todd Philips ~ stand-up bass

Disc One
Early Show
01. Intro  (AUD source)
02. Big Dirtclod (AUD source)
03. Good Woman’s Love (AUD source thru 1:05, SBD thereafter)
04. Turkey in the Straw
05. Shortenin’ Bread
06. Cry Cry Darlin’>
07. Rebecca>
08. New Camptown Races
09. Coal Burnin’ Grease Fire
Late Show
10. Intro  (AUD source)
11. John Hardy (AUD source)
12. Can’t You Hear Me Callin’ (AUD source thru 0:15, SBD thereafter)

Disc Two
01. Unknown Title
02. Scotch and Swing>
03. Old Joe Clark
04. Lonesome Midnight Waltz>
05. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
06. Hot Nickel
07. Big Monk (Todd’s Fantasy Tune)
08. NY Chimes  ( ? Not sure about title)
09. Impulsive
10. Banks of the Ohio
11. Roanoke
12. In the Pines
13. Ride the Wild Turkey  (? Not sure about song title)

Truly a fantastic show (I was there).


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