[bittorrent] Assembly Of Dust 2011-04-02 Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY (sbd/aud matrix)

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Band:           Reid Genauer
Torrent Name:   Assembly Of Dust 2011-04-02 Brooklyn Bowl- Brooklyn, NY (sbd/aud matrix)
Uploaded by:    mikesalvo
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=543751

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Description / text file:
Assebly Of Dust
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

source 1: SBD>Edirol UA-5 (digi-mod)>iRiver h120
source 2: AKG se300b/ck93>Edirol UA-5 (bm2p+)>iRiver h120
transfer: iRiver h120>usb>MacBook Pro>Audacity 1.3.7
recorded and transfered by Mike Salvo (mikesalvo at gmail.com)

disc 1:

Set I
1. -crowd/tuning-
2. Zero To The Skin
3. Fountain
4. Filter
5. Second Song
6. Telling Sue
7. Edges
8. Whistle Clock
9. Paul Henry
10. Cabin John

disc 2:

Set II
1. -crowd/tuning-
2. Sometimes
3. Samuel Aging
4. Roads
5. Lady Madanna
6. Man With A Plan
7. Rachel
8. Mama
9. Speculator
10. -encore break-

11. Truck Farm

Reid Genauer - Lead Vocals, guitar
Adam Terrell - Lead Guitar, vocals
John Leccesse - Bass, vocals
Jason Crosby - Keys, Fiddle, vocals
Tom Arey - drums

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