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Band:           Furthur
Torrent Name:   Further2010-07-03.gems.keoNak100.108873.flac16
Uploaded by:    keo72467
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=537270

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Description / text file:
July 3, 2010
Gelston Castle Estate
Mohawk, New York 

Nakamichi 100/cp4 Shotgun [no wind screens]
approximately 8 feet high >> Monster Cables >> 
KORG MR-1000 at 5.6mHZ DSD

Recorded by Keo

"Tapers were set up to the right of the SBD area 
and mostly in front of the right speaker stacks,
was a bit worried capture of the music would be 
off balanced due to this but sound of show sounds excellent!

Edited and Mastered by Jamie Waddell 
Korg Audiogate Software for DSD >> 32 bit float / 96 kHz PCM WAV 
Weiss-Saracon for SRC and Pow-r3 Dither to 16 bit 44.1 kHz 
MetaData with Tag and Rename TLH for FLAC Level 8  SBE FREE
Image by Carrie Gayne

a **GEMS** Production    www.shnflac.net    July 5, 2010

Furthur is:
Phil Lesh - mothership navigation
Bob Weir - guitar
Jeff Chimenti - keyboards
John Kadlecik - guitar
Joe Russo - drums
Jeff Pehrson - backing vocals
Sunshine Becker - backing vocals

Set One
01. ..The Golden Road >
02. Born Cross Eyed ->
03. Unique Jam ->
04. Alligator ->
05. Truckin' ->
06. Feelin' Allright
07. New Potato Caboose ->
08. Cream Puff War ->
09. Viola Lee Blues
10. crowd

Set Two
11. Sage And Spirit ->
12. 7 Hills Of Gold ->
13. Althea
14. crowd and tuning
15. Magnolia Mountain ->
16. Sugar Magnolia ->
17. No More Do I ->
18. Space ->
19. Dark Star ->
20. Lady With a Fan ->
21. Terrapin Station ->
22. At A Siding ->
23. Stella Blue >
24. Uncle John's Band
25. crowd Donor Rap tuning
26. One More Saturday Night ->
27. Sunshine Daydream
28. crowd

ad611908be5d54b1227c0932494e29c3 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(01).flac
623b62f792f92d0cc428aaa5b2a25602 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(02).flac
9a9f436ddc302220a3b7ea7cacce10c8 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(03).flac
d4e891c3a4c1b192da7205fdb5b39edf *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(04).flac
90fcc466e39ce32c4bd31c1a8771b4c1 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(05).flac
9de56c27690659db2357d9447aefae00 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(06).flac
783f9af6abefffbd33c7cba20337ba7c *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(07).flac
6464589453f5dfd5ae386b5fb8e25ad2 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(08).flac
cdac25f5bbbb94e493e245167cb826fb *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(09).flac
33f2da6bab64a0ab2925dd4b0f19d2c6 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(10).flac
8ed9e7b5cd7951e560e6489be09610b0 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(11).flac
483ac60585fa5c76edb0fdfece226df7 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(12).flac
160a552f8e4c382c543f259f60ae66dc *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(13).flac
d259ddf5647db14de104b2a96e38aa20 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(14).flac
3d88aa974fcaee10f4e6df95bfd6bb40 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(15).flac
fc8d015a99fd995a0c8982af01d6d864 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(16).flac
219fec3b250712d226e87ab72c64b7c7 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(17).flac
958a9b19bb063d82ab01728f356bc5e6 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(18).flac
60da64ee32b08c3289a49b0c8d160154 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(19).flac
c558092321d5e52dbf1982a2555ed762 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(20).flac
5fab9c60b228e8cbc6c3080b561ba5a8 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(21).flac
224ddf1005a321e95914bff59fbccf94 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(22).flac
6b225accd87c6308366bc5abad5de3db *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(23).flac
9865f36069d6e2cb3d9dec1b8ba6f495 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(24).flac
dd3bd523df58bdb24a391236b2cc8201 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(25).flac
90b484c11b28aa948ac4847a6c011386 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(26).flac
510a464c1a88dbda83f414b624b0552d *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(27).flac
bccd5a48e4560eb20f841e0212821012 *Furthur2010-07-03.GEMS.track(28).flac

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