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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   gd74-10-17.16189.sbd.barbella.sbeok.t-flac16
Uploaded by:    germain
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/16189
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=537268

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Description / text file:
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 16189
Replay gain has been applied.

The Grateful Dead
Winterland Arena
San Francisco, Calif.
October 17, 1974

MultiTrack Master Reel > DAT > Sonic Solutions > CD

--Set 1  / Disc 1--
101-dtt01 - Bill Graham Introduction   
102-d1t02 - The Promised Land    
103-d1t03 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo
104-d1t04 - Black Throated Wind 
105-d1t05 - Friend of the Devil 
106-d1t06 - Jack Straw 
107-d1t07 - Loser 
108-d1t08 - El Paso 
109-d1t09 - technical difficulty
110-d1t10 - China Cat Sunflower > 
111-d1t11 - I Know You Rider 
112-d1t12 - Me and My Uncle 
113-dtt13 - It Must Have Been the Roses 
--Disc 2--
114-d2t01 - Weather Report Suite Prelude > Part 1 > 
115-d2t02 - Let It Grow 

--Set 2--
201-d2t03 - Scarlet Begonias  
202-d2t04 - Big River  
203-d2t05 - Ramble On Rose
204-d2t06 - Mexicali Blues 
--Disc 3--
205-d3t01 - He's Gone > 
206-d3t02 - The Other One >
207-d3t03 - Spanish Jam >
208-d3t04 - Mind Left Body Jam  > 
209-d3t05 - The Other One reprise > 
210-d3t06 - Stella Blue 
211-d3t07 - Sugar Magnolia

212-d3t08 - Casey Jones
(missing) - U.S. Blues

Tape Notes:
-"pause edits" in set 1 between several songs.
-Rider is patched with unknown source from ~3:34 thru 4:54

-As in many of the other concerts in this period, periodic
buzzing noises from PA are captured on recording.  (these existed 
on both sources that were used to compile this show)

Some minor wave edits, EAC, SHN, and upload by Steve Barbella, March, 2003
More significant CoolEdits by Matt Vernon
EAC secure test and copy, offsets configured, no errors reported
Tracks indexed via CDWave
shns via mkw v.97 seek enabled
shntool verified sector boundaries were fine. 

SS Source discs contributed by Rich Danyko.  
Alternate sbd source (sbd reel>dat) supplies
Ramble On Rose, Casey Jones, and some short tuneup segments in set 1

Another installaSHN of The Music Never Stopped Project

"the bus came by and Skins got on, that's when it all began" 
what a way to start, dude.  enjoy-

Flac encoding notes:
All processing with Traders Little Helper
Shn - st5 generated
Shn > Wav > Flac (level 8)
Flac st5 generated and matched to Shn st5

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header
of each flac file. It will display on any player 
capable of directly playing flac files. 
If converted to wav during processing, all tags 
will be stripped, however audio data will remain 
unaffected. If you must transcode to a lossy format, 
do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use st5 to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.

This show was recorded at an execptionally low recording level.
Replay Gain has been applied to boost the dynamic level. Even so 
the audio suffers from a lack of saturation. Players unable to
read replay gain tags will not be affected, but you likely will
have to max out your volume. If your player can read replay gain, 
make sure Album Gain is set as default.
To remove you can re-flac, ie. flac > wav > flac,
but doing so will strip all tags.
B. Proctor 12-30-07

shntool md5 fingerprint file 

6992cd57c91394f34c3dd51bd46ac212  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t01.shn
686fc4bd9cad6ece92040c5ee4bdff81  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t02.shn
1b00b44b2d766ddb7d5083e29d73984e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t03.shn
2e1498c11e5f6609b3e61624c7a8b2c8  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t04.shn
7022a98fc1dfc33335c330b9c254d49e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t05.shn
aca6e7a0a3ca193dce8693392910344e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t06.shn
39a3130ad42001ca93b7b783a13e28fd  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t07.shn
c595a952cc4c2de85ce9cf9412ff7dc3  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t08.shn
d0ee51283206d50e0844d548c72b39e4  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t09.shn
3ad30b94f3f60142d161021e660698e9  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t10.shn
0ea68557994412c0375e8aed4b988d7a  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t11.shn
b15ce03bab9347ffc3bb78880ec985c5  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t12.shn
ec1b186264bf8e2a670530acd08cd1ac  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t13.shn
7548bfd4aab3261d545b6c044efd5205  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t01.shn
797b46d964d7a8d5a7a4c559ab6881f4  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t02.shn
64c3afece01272c73c63fbf12567eaad  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t03.shn
1f9b5fe5c103d011bd98158c7902a30f  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t04.shn
bf2f230788bd1caddc3f8b0cd9ca900e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t05.shn
51713bc9c7bd6220d9079c32504b7da7  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t06.shn
da95a09e6cc8c335d19a77df8bd2161b  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t01.shn
2009ce4b829f9a4e926c06f7e201df59  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t02.shn
2df91f911fd45e1ea99a3b00921a2aa5  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t03.shn
0e624660528a672236a934d75093603b  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t04.shn
b4002f4e2b82ab8fefad93ff60139535  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t05.shn
696aca6523826b6b2921c50aa87c125e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t06.shn
028883d0ffaeca0a90344967c130337e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t07.shn
df0db4111332ed16f7ecaf980fe3a1a7  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t08.shn

shntool md5 fingerprint file 

6992cd57c91394f34c3dd51bd46ac212  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t01.flac
686fc4bd9cad6ece92040c5ee4bdff81  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t02.flac
1b00b44b2d766ddb7d5083e29d73984e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t03.flac
2e1498c11e5f6609b3e61624c7a8b2c8  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t04.flac
7022a98fc1dfc33335c330b9c254d49e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t05.flac
aca6e7a0a3ca193dce8693392910344e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t06.flac
39a3130ad42001ca93b7b783a13e28fd  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t07.flac
c595a952cc4c2de85ce9cf9412ff7dc3  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t08.flac
d0ee51283206d50e0844d548c72b39e4  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t09.flac
3ad30b94f3f60142d161021e660698e9  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t10.flac
0ea68557994412c0375e8aed4b988d7a  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t11.flac
b15ce03bab9347ffc3bb78880ec985c5  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t12.flac
ec1b186264bf8e2a670530acd08cd1ac  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd1t13.flac
7548bfd4aab3261d545b6c044efd5205  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t01.flac
797b46d964d7a8d5a7a4c559ab6881f4  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t02.flac
64c3afece01272c73c63fbf12567eaad  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t03.flac
1f9b5fe5c103d011bd98158c7902a30f  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t04.flac
bf2f230788bd1caddc3f8b0cd9ca900e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t05.flac
51713bc9c7bd6220d9079c32504b7da7  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd2t06.flac
da95a09e6cc8c335d19a77df8bd2161b  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t01.flac
2009ce4b829f9a4e926c06f7e201df59  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t02.flac
2df91f911fd45e1ea99a3b00921a2aa5  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t03.flac
0e624660528a672236a934d75093603b  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t04.flac
b4002f4e2b82ab8fefad93ff60139535  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t05.flac
696aca6523826b6b2921c50aa87c125e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t06.flac
028883d0ffaeca0a90344967c130337e  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t07.flac
df0db4111332ed16f7ecaf980fe3a1a7  [shntool]  gd74-10-17newd3t08.flac

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