[bittorrent] Little Feat 2002-08-31 House of Blues, New Orleans LA - SBD w/ Gran Torino Horns

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Band:           Little Feat
Torrent Name:   Little Feat 2002-08-31 House of Blues, New Orleans LA - SBD w/ Gran Torino Horns
Uploaded by:    Featroller
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Description / text file:
Little Feat
House Of Blues
New Orleans, LA

Recording:   Soundboard > Unknown DAT
CD Creation: Sony PCM-R500 > Waveterminal 192x (via coax to 192x digital input daughtercard) >
             Sound Forge 6.0 (record & edit) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (tracking) > CDRWin 3.9c
Transfer:    EAC > .wav > mkw Audio Compression Toolkit > SHN

Recording used for transfer provided by:  Chris Cafiero, Little Feat Official Archivist
Transfer completed by:  Tim Desai

Disc 1 -- 73:42

01. Honest Man
02. Rocket In My Pocket
03. Romance Without Finance
04. Blue Jean Blues
05. One Clear Moment >
06. Just Another Sunday
07. Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky >
08. Lonesome Whistle >
09. Willin' > Don't Bogart That Joint > Willin'
10. Cajun Girl

Disc 2 -- 44:43

01. Dixie Chicken* > Dark Star Tease* > Dixie Chicken* >
02. Tennessee Jed* > 
03. Dixie Chicken (finish)
04. Fat Man In The Bathtub (with Tequila, Get Up Stand Up & Scarlet Begonias teases)

*w/ Gran Torino Horns

Featroller Review, NOLA-Influenced Windbag Edition:

This one's been a favorite since I found it at archive.org some years back. A well-fueled NOLA crowd, Gran
Torino Horns in the house... what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing! The crowd was so into it that after
Willin', Paul said they were changing up the set list to get everybody boogying Cajun style. Disc 1 is
terrific throughout. I have to say I love the super-funky dueling guitar intro to Honest Man more than the
new arrangement they're playing these days. But not as much as I miss the all too rare Blue Jean Blues. 
Maybe Billy has explained to someone out there why he's so reluctant to do it. It's one of his best, with
that signature funky-shuffle Feat-beat and the great lyrics ("Triple chin on a pretty little face, curves
on her body I won't soon erase..."). Great slide by Paul, too.

Another standout is the Just Another Sunday percussion jam. Sam and especially Richie just go nuts. It's the
kind of performance that would be great to have on video to watch the Squidman do his thing. I have a friend 
who likes the feats' music but wishes they were more animated performers. He focuses on watching Richie for the
showmanship of his drumming, though it's not intended as such -- it's a byproduct of one human with two arms
sounding like he has eight. Get better Richie! We want the Squidman back!

Before Dixie Chicken kicks off Disc 2, Paul calls the Gran Torino horns up to the stage, saying "We gonna
throw you a curveball -- grab those horns and get up here!" It's safe to say that what follows is completely
unrehearsed. At times in the intro section it's hard to tell whose trumpet is Fred's and whose isn't, but it
sounds great either way. In the solo section, oh man, there's all sorts of combos. But the highlight is
Tennessee Jed. It's classic Feat eclecticism -- Dead meets Dixieland jazz. I've never heard a better TJ.

Top it all off with an old-school Fat Man... well, let's say medium school. Get Up Stand Up was on the brink of
becoming a regular part of Fat Man, but here it's an instrumental tease. On the other hand, the short Scarlet
Begonias tease that's now standard is extended, with some funky bass from Kenny. Any Deadheads out there
intrigued by the Feat, this is the show for you. And any featfans out there who don't already have this, it's
absolutely a show for you.

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