[bittorrent] Hot Buttered Rum String Band -2005-06-22 Boulder Theater SBD

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Band:           Hot Buttered Rum String Band
Torrent Name:   Hot Buttered Rum String Band -2005-06-22 Boulder Theater SBD
Uploaded by:    chocobot
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=537077

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Description / text file:

Wednesday-June 22, 2005
Boulder Theater
Boulder, Colorado

SBD>RCA analog COAX>Nomad JB3 @44.1k
NJB3>USB>Dell Inspiron 600m>CDWAV>Flac
fades made w/ EAC wav processor
tape/transfer: Matthew Hernandez (only taper)

01. Set One Intro
02. Jack Mormon Mom
03. River Song
04. Flask Alas!
05. Wakarusa Shuffle
06. Rosalee McFall
07. Poison Oak
08. Summmertime Gal

09. Squall
10. 3.2
11. Sweet Honey Fountain
12. Well-Oiled Machine
13. Sugaree

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