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Torrent Name:   The Voodoo Fix  2010.07.09
Uploaded by:    achalsey
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Description / text file:
The Voodoo Fix
July 07, 2010
Street Show - Pacific & Church
Santa Cruz, CA

CA-14 (omni spaced ~3 ft) > CA 9100 > H120 rockboxed

H120 > macbook > audacity > xACT

-SET 1-

1.    Intro
2.    Heartache And Misery
3.    I Awoke >
4.    The Curse
5.    Psycho Killer
6.    Rolling Stone
7.    Chocolate
8.    Not Fade Away
9.    Funky Bitch
10.  High

-SET 2- 

1.    (fade in) Sun Won't Shine >
2.    Captain Willy 
3.    All This Time
4.    Bridges >
5.    Regret
6.    Lazy Sunday
7.    Black Cement
8.    Me and My Woman
9.    Walk On By
10.  You've Got It All Wrong
11.  High

Show Notes:  Street show on the corner of Pacific and Cooper (though actually closer to Chruch st. so I'll give Chris the shout out) in downtown Santa Cruz.  Wasn't going to tape as I'm very new to this but decided to split the mics about waist level on two of the mic stands "onstage" and see how it came out.  Turns out it came out great (IMHO) but as the PA was set ~7 ft high, I missed a good deal of the vocals.  Would have been perfect for a matrix but, oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

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