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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   ph1991-04-27.altschiller-berger.108901.flac16 - New To Circulation
Uploaded by:    jaded_vet
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shninfo_detail.php?shnid=108901
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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Capitol Theatre,
Port Chester, NY

source:  aud dat
taped/remix by Jon Altschiller

lineage: dat master>eq>dat>my dat clone
akg 451eb's>aiwa hhb-1 dat, balcony ledge, center

sony pcm-r500>pc>audobe audition 2.0>cd wave>flac
transfer/seed by Rob Berger 7/13/10

disc one: 67:01

set I
01 - /Sweet Adeline
02 - The Asse Festival
03 - Runaway Jim
04 - Cavern
05 - The Landlady
06 - My Sweet One
07 - Reba
08 - Llama
09 - Lizards
10 - Suzy Greenberg
11 - Stash
12 - Golgi Apparatus

disc two: 74:46

set II
01 - The Curtain
02 - Possum
03 - TMWSIY> Avenu Malkenu> TMWSIY
04 - Mike's Song >
05 - I Am Hydrogen >
06 - Weekapaug Groove
07 - Fluffhead
08 - Tweezer
09 - The Squirming Coil
10 - Wipeout
11 - Tweezer Reprise

disc three: 10:01

01 - crowd
02 - Bouncing Around The Room
03 - Good Times Bad Times

notes:  Only aud in circulation for this show, coming to you
straight from the show's promoter's stash.
I often saved seats for Jon in the front row balcony to
make auds in case the board tape messed up.
Jon ended up working with Phish and ultimately opening
his own studio. He sure did a nice job remixing this tape!  
latest news about friend Jon - summer 2010:

Phish wrote: We would like to welcome old friend and collaborator, Jon Altschiller, our new LivePhish.com remote mix engineer as of the start of Summer Tour. Jon got his start as a taper, recording many Phish shows as well as other bands. He eventually took his hobby to the next level, turning pro and working with Phish as an assistant engineer on "A Picture Of Nectar" and "Rift" before founding his own Chiller Sound studio.

In order to create his mix each night, Jon records between 64 and 72 independent channels of audio in a room onsite and mixes them down to the stereo recording you hear nightly at LivePhish.com. These new mixes really sing, and each reveals Jon's excitement and dedication.

This one puts you right there dead center
suspended over the tenth row orchestra below.
Of note is that out of their seven shows at the Capitol,
only this one did not sell out.
Enjoy. Rob 7/10

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