[bittorrent] Little Feat 1978-06-06 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS - AUD

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Band:           Little Feat
Torrent Name:   Little Feat 1978-06-06 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS - AUD
Uploaded by:    Featroller
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shninfo_detail.php?shnid=108336
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=536749

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Description / text file:
Little Feat
Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Hall
Kansas City, KS

Notes:  Audience recording.  

Recording:   Unknown mics > Unknown analog tape recorder

CD Creation: Denon DCD 1700 > Waveterminal 192x (via coax to 192x digital input daughtercard) >
             Sound Forge 6.0 (record & edit) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (tracking) > CDRWin 3.9c
Transfer:    EAC > .wav > mkw Audio Compression Toolkit > SHN

Recording used for transfer provided by:  Chris Cafiero
Transfer completed by:  Tim Desai




Disc 1 (76:40):

Skin It Back >
Fat Man In The Bathtub
Rock n' Roll Doctor (beginning of verbal intro is cut)
Day Or Night
Oh Atlanta
Apolitical Blues
Day At The Races
All That You Dream (missing first few seconds)
Old Folks Boogie
Dixie Chicken >
Tripe Face Boogie

Disc 2 (22:48):

Willin' >
Don't Bogart That Joint > Willin'
Feats Don't Fail Me Now
Rocket In My Pocket

Artwork available here: http://rockrarecollectionfetish.blogspot.com/2010/07/little-feat-soldiers-and-sailors.html

Thanks to Featseeker for his original upload at dimeadozen.org

Featroller Mini-Review, From The Vault Vol. 3 Edition:

For the last of the recent releases from the Cafiero Vault, we have this capture of Lowell-era Feat in peak
form. There isn't much that hasn't already been said about shows like this. I'll add that Dog Races, featuring
an extended bass solo from Kenny, clocks in at around 13 minutes. And Old Folks Boogie has never been better.

If the sound quality matched the performance, we'd be debating Desert Island Top Fives. But it's a 70s audience
recording. I'd say it's about average for that era. You can hear each instrument and vocal OK. It's just a bit
muddy. There are audience recordings out there with more clarity, but the dreaded hiss isn't too bad. The crowd
noise is mostly unintrusive. I've found that sound quality is really subjective: it's largely in the ears of the
beholder. There's only one way to know what your ears will behold -- download and check it out.

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