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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   gd74-07-29.29482.mtx.chappell.sb8.sbeok.t-flac16
Uploaded by:    germain
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Description / text file:
This is a tagged version of shnid:29482

Grateful Dead
Capital Centre
Landover, MD
Sick Bits Vol. 8

Source: Matrix (SBD/AUD mix):

SBD: (SHN ID # 2277)
MR> C1> DAT*> CD via Teddy Goodbear

AUD: FOB (SHN ID # 17968)
AudMC > DAT > WAV > SHN via Jerry Moore

All three sources were SHN files downloaded from LMA and converted to
WAV > Sony Vegas 5 > WAV > CD Wave > FLAC 16 (level 8)

Matrixed by Chris Chappell
scarfire at liquidcity.com

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file. It will 
display on any player capable of directly playing flac files. If converted 
to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped, however audio data 
will remain unaffected. If you must transcode to a lossy format, do so 
directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
B. Proctor 12-15-07


Set I:

101-d1t01 - crowd & tuning
102-d1t02 - Promised Land
103-d1t03 - Sugaree
104-d1t04 - Black Throated Wind
105-d1t05 - It Must Have Been The Roses
106-d1t06 - Cumberland Blues
107-d1t07 - Scarlet Begonias
108-d1t08 - Jack Straw
109-d1t09 - Deal
110-d1t10 - El Paso
111-d1t11 - To Lay Me Down
112-d1t12 - crowd & tuning
113-d2t01 - Weather Report Suite Prelude >
114-d2t02 - Weather Report Suite Part One >
115-d2t03 - Let It Grow

[missing: set 1.5 Seastones]

Set II: 

201-d2t04 - crowd & tuning
202-d2t05 - He's Gone > 
203-d2t06 - Truckin' >
204-d2t07 - Nobody's Fault But Mine >
205-d2t08 - Other One (1st verse only) >
206-d2t09 - Spanish Jam >  
207-d2t10 - Wharf Rat >
208-d3t01 - Around & Around
209-d3t02 - Peggy-O
210-d3t03 - US Blues
211-d3t04 - Sugar Magnolia

212-d3t05 - Casey Jones

Total Times:
Disc 1 [76:39]
Disc 2 [71:24]
Disc 3 [38:31]

- for track times see shntool output
* Sick Bits Vol. 7 fits nicely as filler on disc 3

General Notes:

Two sources from the LMA provided coverage for this matrix: a relatively 
dry SBD, and a pretty nice sounding FOB AUD recorded by strangers with 
Jerry Moore's rig (see Jerry's notes). The result is an excellent matrix,
justifying the blending of two sources to breathe life back into a 
relatively unrecognized but excellent show.  Check out these reviews from 
the Llama:
"I have the soundboard version of this show and I must admit that it is 
clear but clinical. No Character. This audience version has the ambience 
that is lacking in the soundboard. Do yourself a favor and download both!"

"You've heard the classics, now try this one! Recommended." -Dr. Flashback

This is the first show of 29 played at Capital Centre, and Bill Graham
starts off by letting the crowd know to stay out of the isles, probably
concerned with the fire marshall, who I'm sure was not impressed by
the firecrackers (M80s?) that were let off periodically during the show -
the most loud and notable is during To Lay Me Down, the crowd in a very 
intimate space, an explosion even clearly loud on the SBD.  Listener beware!

The whole show is played well, from the gumption of Sugaree through the
excellent Weather Report Suite (nice Keith); and the second set starts
with a slow but funky He's Gone (Phil), a freaky Spanish Jam out of the "space"
of a 1 verse Other One, and a rare Peggy-O (6th time played). Garcia takes
a different approach throughout, both refreshing and daring.  The band delivers 
on the crowd request for Casey Jones, and Phil sums it up at the end: "We
really appreciate it folks, you don't know how much."

Thanks to Jerry Moore for making the FOB AUD happen (see notes), Mark Cohen 
for the analog > DAT transfer, Noah Weiner for the DAT > SHN/CD; Teddy Goodbear
for the SBD along with the rest of the Compendium crew, and Doug Johnson for
uploading it to abgd. 


Editing/SBD & AUD source Notes [see attached]
Shntool Notes [see attached]
FLAC Fingerprint [see attached]
MD5 checksum [see attached]

Excerpt from AUD text file:

(*) Notes from Jerry Moore - June, 2003:
"Had piss poor taping seats, and was unable to negotiate better 
ones. Best I was able to do was dicker with some total strangers 
who were sitting reasonably close, on the left side off the 
floor, if I remember. They weren't willing to trade seats, but 
WERE willing to try taping it themselves in exchange for a copy. 
So I crossed my fingers real hard, and handed over the rig. 
They weren't at all familiar with it, but I managed to squeeze 
in before the show and check in a couple of times. All things 
considered, they did a pretty decent job.  Some artless level 
juggling, and overall levels lower than I would've run, but 
better than no tape or a rotten one. The taping the weird noise 
at intermission was a nicety I didn't think to mention, and they 
didn't bother with. IE, no L&L recording on my tapes... I haven't 
the foggiest who they were or what their names were. Never crossed 
paths again."

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