[bittorrent] Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band- Count Basie Theater- Red Bank, NJ-2010-07-09 (Rode NT-3s)

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Band:           Derek Trucks Band
Torrent Name:   Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band- Count Basie Theater- Red Bank, NJ-2010-07-09 (Rode NT-3s)
Uploaded by:    absnj
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Description / text file:
Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band
Count Basie Theater
Red Bank, NJ
July 9, 2010

My third time seeing this new band, they get better each time. Despite having permission to record from the venue and the band, I was delayed from entering and finally told it was OK to set up FOB. After I was almost ready to go, they changed their minds and moved me to the next to last row in the right corner, well under the overhanging balcony. Despite it all the recording came out pretty good.

During Coming Home, Derek played a Fender Strat originally owned by Duane Allman and given to Delaney Bramlett, so the song was an appropriate choice.

This recording is from a different source than the one posted here:

Rode NT-3s Rear Orchestra (next to last row), right side > Edirol R09HR @24/48 > SDHC > Audacity 1.3, EQD, tracks split and dithered/re-sampled to 16/44.1, converted to flac level 8>
Taped by absnj

101-Standing on the Edge of Love
102-Midnight in Harlem
103-That Did It
104-Love Has Something Else to Say
106-Coming Home
107-Strat Talk
108-All My Friends
109-Give It Up Or Let Me Go
111-Find Your Way Home
201-Don't Drift Away
203-Like Water In The Desert
204-Time Machine
205-Nobody's Free
206-Look Around
207-Blind Crippled and Crazy
208-I've Got a Feeling
209-Too Late
210-Encore Call
211-I Believe In Music
212-Space Captain

The Band:
Derek Trucks - Guitar
Susan Tedeschi - Guitar & Vocals
Oteil Burbridge - Bass
Kofi Burbridge - Keyboards
Tyler Greenwell - Drums
Doug Belote - Drums
Mike Mattison - Backing Vocals & Acoustic guitar
Nigel Hall - Backing Vocals & Fender Rhodes 

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