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PHISH 11-19-94b


Jam outside the tour bus with Mike (banjo and electric bass), Page (upright bass), Trey (fiddle and guitar), Fish (mandolin), Rev. Jeff Mosier (banjo), Eric Merrill (fiddle and guitar), and Jeremy (banjo and jaw harp).

Quality is the best I've heard.
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1.  Blackberry Blossom
2.  Tennessee Waltz
3.  The Old Home Place
4.  Dooley
5.  Mountain Dew
6.  John Hardy
7.  -Talking-
8.  Sweet Baby's Arms
9.  Long Journey Home
10. Little Tiny Butter Biscuits
11. I'm Blue I'm Lonesome
12. Midnight Moonlight
13. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Jam outside the tour bus with:
Mike (banjo and electric bass)
Page (upright bass)
Trey (fiddle and guitar)
Fish (mandolin)
Rev. Jeff Mosier (banjo)
Eric Merrill (fiddle and guitar)
and Jeremy (banjo and jaw harp)
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Date:    Thu, 3 May 2001 08:56:28 EDT
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1. blackberry blossom
2. tennessee waltz - rev sings
3. old home place - mike sings
4. dooley - rev sings -lead -
            trey, mike , jon is saying the "dooley" part
            crowd joins
5. mountain dew - rev sings
6. john hardy - mike sings
      trey ask for his fiddle track
7. - Talking -
8. rollin in my sweet baby's arm
   - rev sings lead. phish sings backup.
   guitar lead by trey
9. long journey home - rev sings lead on first verse
                       trey sings second verse -
                       guitar lead trey -
                       jon sings third verse
                       mandolin break - jon - zambi happens
10. little tiny butter bisquits (written by rev mosier)
          trey on fiddle / zambi happens
          bus driver says "no flash photograhy" on the bus pa
          rev says trey has been playing fiddle for three days
          we do this tune in blueground undergrass now
11. blue and lonesome - phish with rev
         jews harp - ? acoustic llama is requested .
12. midnite moonlight - rev sings - phish and crowd.
                        taper softly croons underneath
13. will the circle be unbroken -
        rev sings lead - bus engine starts. bus blows horn to leave

This is the first time i've heard this, but thousands have ask me
about it over the years. To me it captures the true spirit of Phish.
It happened as we were walking to the bus to leave the venue. somebody
said play us one and we said sure and the roadies got our stuff. i was
already holding my banjo which probably started the whole thing. I was
on tour with them to teach them bluegrass and had been playing with
them on stage some at night. Hoist was being released at the time and
i actually played with them on that material at night as well as the
bgrass set. though they really didn't know bgrass and had just been
playing for a short while, this truly captured the spirit of the music
because of their openess, talent, and what i call that "wonderful
phish curiosity". i was touched to hear this because when you boil it
all down this is what it's all about. the people just want to hear the
music and truly i didn't wanna leave. you can hear the joy. i lead the
jam as phish had never really done that before. when we got on the bus
they were so happy that we did it and i think they felt, maybe for the
first time,the true spirit of what bgrass and folk music is all about.
the jam turned out to be the most important thing that i taught them.
thanks for sharing it. i am touched.

"rev" Jeff Mosier
Blueground Undergrass

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