[bittorrent] Cloud Cult - 2009-03-27 High Noon Saloon Madison WI

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Torrent Name:   Cloud Cult - 2009-03-27 High Noon Saloon Madison WI
Uploaded by:    tunneloflight
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Description / text file:
Cloud Cult
March 27, 2009
The High Noon Saloon
Madison, WI

Source:  AKG 481>Edirol UA-5>MTII @ 24/48
Transfer:  MTII>Macbook>Sound Studio(fades, tracking, resample, dither)>xACT>flac16
Recorded by Matt Nicgorski (yourfavoritebandsucks AT gmail DOT com)

01.	crowd
02.	Love You All
03.	Hope
04.	Story Of The Grandfather Of Jesus
05.	banter
06.	When Water Comes To Life
07.	Brain Gateway
08.	Pretty Voice
09.	banter
10.	Chemicals Collide
11.	What Comes At The End
12.	Million Things
13.	No One Said It Would Be Easy
14.	2x2x2
15.	Intro/Light At The End Of The Tunnel	
16.	Living On The Outside Of Your Skin	
17.	banter
18.	Bobby's Spacesuit
19.	Chain Reaction/Start New Medley/Mashup?
20.	Man Must Explore
21.	Journey Of The Featherless
22.	Take Your Medicine
23.	The Tornado Lessons

24.	crowd/banter
25.	Everybody Here Is A Cloud

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