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Band:           David Bromberg
Torrent Name:   David Bromberg 2006-03-22 sbd dat master
Uploaded by:    candleman
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i walked out on my porch and a homeless person whizzed this at me like a ninja star.i ducked and threw some empty cans at him,then he grabbed his shopping cart and ran.

David Bromberg
The Tin Angel - Philadelphia,PA

Sbd Dat Master>Cdr>Eac>Goldwave>Cdwav>Flac

Big Road
Cocaine Sally
Maple Leaf Rag
You Have To Mean What You Say
Famous Last Words
Chumpman Blues
I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning
It Takes A Lot To Laugh,It Takes A Train To Cry
Drown In My Own Tears (Unplugged) (Levels Boosted To Compensate)
World Of Fools
Lost My Driving Wheel
Girl From France
Who Do You Love ?
Kaatskill Serenade

All Editing By Candleman

Another Installment Of The Demon In Disguise Project

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