[bittorrent] The Bridge - 2009-03-11 - Santa Fe Cafe - College Park, MD *5.1 DTS SS*

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Torrent Name:   The Bridge - 2009-03-11 - Santa Fe Cafe - College Park, MD *5.1 DTS SS*
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The Bridge
March 11th, 2009
Santa Fe Cafe
College Park, MD

*************5.1 DTS Surround Sound CD-Audio**************
**********Decode and burn as normal for CD-Audio********** 
***Not compatible with non-DTS capable playback systems***

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Qualified @
03. Angelina
04. Chavez
05. New Mistake
06. Shake Em Down
07. Poison Wine
08. Let Me Off This Train
09. Beatbox ->
10. Pakalolo ->
11. Diggin In The Cold Ground ->
12. Into The Mystic +

Disc 2
01. Good Rhythm ^->
02. Drums/Congas/Beatbox ^->
03. Fiyo on the Bayou ^$#
04. Death Letter Blues *
05. In Dreams
06. Further to Roam
07. Dirtball Blues
08. Encore Break
09. Them Changes %

Spring Residency, show #1 of 6.

@ Dr. John cover
+ Van Morrison cover
# Neville Brothers cover
* Son House cover
% Band of Gypsies cover
^ w/ "Hot" Carl Phansteihl, congas (The Permilla Project)
$ w/ Ryan "Perm" Jackson, guitar (The Permilla Project)

AUD Source: AKG C460Bs/CK 61-ULS (ORTF, 10ft on stand, SBD area LOC)->PS2->Edirol R-09HR (24 bit/96 kHz)
SBD Source: SBD->JB3 (Line-in @ 16 bit/48 kHz)
AUD Transfer: SDHC -> PC
SBD Transfer: JB3->Firewire->PC
Surround Mixing: in Sony Vegas 7.0
-=Left: SBD Left Channel mixed to mono 0.0dB
-=Center: SBD Left+Right Channel mixed to mono 0.0dB
-=Right: SBD Right Channel mixed to mono 0.0dB
-=Surround Left: AUD Left Channel mixed to mono -3.0dB
-=Surround Right: AUD Right Channel mixed to mono -3.0dB
-=LFE (Sub): AUD Left+Right Channel mixed to mono and EQ'd >50Hz to -.inf
Surround Processing: Rendered as 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Mono, PCM (multiple) streams in Sony Vegas 7.0, processed together into DTS WAV using SurCode Pro.  
Conversion: CDWav 1.93.3 for track splitting; FLAC frontend 1.7.1 for Flac16 Conversion @ level 8

Recorded, mixed & processed by Timothy D. Brown (timothydavidbrown at gmail.com) 

****Please support artists and venues**** 
************that allow taping************


(Borrowed from amdig1)

More On DTS
Today's audio standards are moving towards multi-channel sound like DTS, Dolby Digital and DVD-Audio. While the Audio-CD standard (Red Book) hasn't changed to accommodate these new sound formats, it is still possible to go around the specification and to put a 5.1 surround recording on a regular Audio-CD. To play a DTS-Audio-CD you must connect your DVD/CD player via a digital cable (optical or coaxial) to your DTS Dolby-Digital receiver. It is not 100% sure that your receiver will recognize a DTS-Audio-CD, so the first time you're trying to playback a DTS-Audio-CD you must do a test to determine if it can. Begin with the volume very low, start the disc and rise the volume gradually. NEVER listen to a DTS-Audio-CD through the analogue audio outputs of your CD/DVD player.

Burning Instructions
Burn them the absolute same way as you would burn any normal Audio-CD from FLAC files.

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