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Torrent Name:   Kreutzmann Burbridge Murawski - 2/15/2009 - 16/44 fileset
Uploaded by:    fryinbri
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Description / text file:
Kreutzmann Burbridge Murawski
Sunday, February 15, 2009
Crystal Ballroom 
Portland, OR

     ******re-sampled 16/44 fileset******
(03/04/09 - 24/48 > 16/44 conversion via r8brain)
-new ffp, md5,st5,shntool_ len
-total time = 81:14 ; omit first track for CD burning 
-otherwise try for overburn

FOB Master Aud:  
Master info:
Milab VM-44-links DINa (17cm 90¡) ~10.5' up ~ 25' from stage (at the drink rail) > ArchivalAudio ArchivalSilver XLR's> (stock)
FR2-LE 24bit 48khz BWF > Transcend  133x CF card 
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Oteil Burbridge - bass, vocals
Scott Murawski - guitar, vocals
An ArchivalAudio Production first released on LosslessLegs  ++ www.shnflac.net ++

Recorded by: ArchivalAudio
ArchivalAudio [at] gmail [dot] com

Transfer info:
iBook G4 1.2 GHZ / 1.25 GB RAM OSX 10.4.11 > BWF opened 
Peak5.2 [tracked] [DC bias removal] [Normalize to .9db] [regions exported .wav]  > xACT v1.62 to FLAC (level 8 )  generate ffp and len (shntool) output

Recorded Transfered Mastered & Seeded by Ian Stoy aka ArchivalAudio

1 Set
t01 crowd    			 1:20
t02 Rhymes		  	13:55
t03 Sugaree  			 10:01
t04 Thunder    			 15:34
t05 Chains of Life   		 9:50
t06 Help on the way >   	 	12:41
t07 Murderland  			 8:39
t08 Bertha       			 9:09
Total time :     		              81:14

Show: Kreutzmann Burbridge Muraski opened for GreyBoy Allstars as part of the Portland Jazz Festival. Very energetic! I set up behind the drink rail as usual at the crystal, we were only about 25' from stage centered between the PA speakers. At the over 21 rail there was a path about 8+' wide for security, which actually made a very nice buffer of no chatting (or loud crowd) directly in front the mics. sounds awesome! - also the web and tix said 9:30 show doors: 8:30 - we got in about 8:45 - I was takin' my time to set up as I thought I had 45 minutes. My sweetie Moira, and TaperJeff went to get beers and returned. I was still fiddling around did not even have my deck connected to the mics, when KBM walked on to stage at 9pm!  TaperJeff raised up the stand while I got things plugged in and I was rollin. Apparently at the bars - and not elsewhere that I could see it listed show times of KBM 9- 10:30 GBA 11 -12:45am - weak! It should have been posted on the Crysatal's web site 
 and tickets or atl east at the entry of the show! All in all it was fine, as ther was a copule of minutes before music started.

Flaws = 
None noted
Could use help with the set list did my best, appreciate suggestions.



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include all original files, without any alterations -
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