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Band:           New Riders of the Purple Sage
Torrent Name:   NRPS 2-27-09 Webster, MA- KM184.V3.flac16
Uploaded by:    kenhannan
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=523299

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Description / text file:
New Riders Of the Purple Sage
February 27, 2009
Point Breeze, Webster, MA

Source: KM184s (40deg,35cm, LCenter 20'back, 7' high)->Lunatec V3->AES/coax>Tascam HD-P2; 2nd set with 50kHz 6db rolloff (High Pass setting 2 on the V3)
Transfer: Tascam HD-P2->Firewire->WAV->Audition 2.0 (normalize, trim, fades, resample)->WAV->CDWAV(track)->FLAC(L7)

[DISC 1]
[Set 1]
01 intro
02 Where I Come From
03 Lonesome LA Cowboy
04 Groupie
05 Ghost Train Blues
06 Last Lonely Eagle
07 Sutter's Mill
08 Henry
09 Diamond Joe
10 15 Days Under The Hood

[DISC 2]
01 Blues Barrel
02 Louisiana Lady 

[Set 2]
03 Big Six
04 Whatcha Gonna Do
05 Rainbow
06 Rockin With Nona
07 Contract
08 Higher
09 Lo And Behold
10 Down The Middle
11 outro

David Nelson - guitar, vocals
Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar, vocals
Michael Falzarano - guitar, vocals
Ronnie Penque - bass, vocals
Johnny Markowski – drums, vocals

Also available at http://www.archive.org/details/nrps2009-02-27.km184.v3.flac16

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