[bittorrent] Emmitt Nershi Band -- 2009-07-23 -- FloydFest 8

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Torrent Name:   Emmitt Nershi Band -- 2009-07-23 -- FloydFest 8
Uploaded by:    saitoh
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Description / text file:
Emmitt Nershi Band
July 23rd, 2009
Main Stage, FloydFest 8
Floyd, VA

Source: BSCS-L (XY; 110°) > FR2-LE [BA-Tmod] (24/44.1)
location: FOB, Center, Stand 8.5', ~55' from stage
transfer: WAV > Audacity 1.3.7 (dither and tracking) > WAV > FLAC (v1.2.1 --best --sector-align -V)
recorded by: page


New Country Blues
Black Clouds
Long Road
Road of Destruction
Mango Tango
All Night Ride
Good Times Around the Bend
Surfin' the Red Sea
Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow
The Awakening
Quinn the Eskimo
I Come From the Country
Restless Wind
(((encore break)))
Southern Night

Slight phasing early on due to wind, generally clears up though. Jason Haan plays from Mango Tango through the end, and Michael Travis plays on the intro to Mango Tango. Michael Kang steals the tequila bottle from the stage near the end.

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