[bittorrent] Phish - Fuji Rock Festival, Naebe, Niigata, Japan; 07-30-1999 [10 years ago today]

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish - Fuji Rock Festival, Naebe, Niigata, Japan; 07-30-1999 [10 years ago today]
Uploaded by:    ClancyWiggum
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=527125

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Description / text file:
~~~ This upload contains the shn-id's 13312 (complete early show) and 96906 (complete late show, partial early). If you want, you can exclude one of them from downloading in your BT-Client ~~~ 


shn-id 13312:

Fuji Rock Festival, Green Stage, Niigata, Japan (EARLY SHOW)

Source: Audio Technica 805b(omni)> Sony D8 (in hat)
Transfer: Tascam DA302>Coax>MAudio Dio 24/48>CDWave>SoundForge (48>44.1, eq'ing)>SHN
Taped and transferred by Blane Harvey

note: There was no taping allowed for this set, so few complete sources circulate. I've EQed the
recording a bit to make it as enjoyable as possible, but unfortunately, it's not the best.

There is audible music bleeding onto the main stage area from other stages, especially between
songs and during Hello My Baby.


 1.  Chalkdust Torture       
 2.  Guyute               
 3.  Wolfman's Brother   
 4.  Taste
 5.  Trey Chat           
 6.  Punch You in the Eye >  
 7.  Waste                  
 8.  Hello My Baby           


shn-id 96906:

Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba, Niigata, Japan
Fields of Heaven Stage

Source: SBD -> Cass 1 > DAT
Transfer: DAT -> Digi Coax -> S/PDIF in -> SB Live 2 -> SF 6.0 -> wav -> FLAC
Taper: Unknown; Transfer: Greg Prenatt - (pernads at hotmail.com)
-A pitch shift of -90 cents was applied to the entire show to compensate for a tape deck with a bad speed somewhere in the cassette chain. 

FLAC > SHN and furthurnet seeded by jiminez on 2/18/04

Disc 1 - 70:07
Set 1
01. Birds of a Feather
02. Sample
03. Beauty of My Dreams
04. Stash
05. NICU
06. Funky Bitch
07. Ghost
08. Axilla

Disc 2 - 75:31
Set 2 + Encore
01. DwD
02. My Soul
03. Reba
04. HYHU>
05. Bike*>
06. HYHU
07. Jim
08. Cavern
09. Julius

* w/ fishman on guitar

-there is a short cut in ghost and cavern where the analog tape flip occurred. 
-there is some SBD static at the beginning of Birds. This was on the original DAT.


This is part of the early show that was on the end of my DAT. Not sure on the exact source, but Im guessing it was recorded off the Live boradcast of this show.
The Green Stage, Fuji Rock Festival

01. Chalk Dust Torture
02. Guyute
03. Wolfmans Brother
04. Taste

PYITE, Waste and Hello my baby were missing.

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