[bittorrent] Grace Potter & The Nocturnals -- 2009-07-24 -- FloydFest 8

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Band:           Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Torrent Name:   Grace Potter & The Nocturnals -- 2009-07-24 -- FloydFest 8
Uploaded by:    saitoh
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Description / text file:
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
July 24th, 2009
Main Stage, FloydFest 8
Floyd, VA

Source: BSCS-L (XY; 110°) > FR2-LE [BA-Tmod] (24/44.1)
location: FOB, Center, Stand 8.5', ~50' from stage
transfer: WAV > Audacity 1.3.7 (dither and tracking) > WAV > FLAC (v1.2.1 --best --sector-align -V)
recorded by: page


Some Kind of Ride
Tooth Brush and My Table
Big White Gate
(((band intros)))
Stop the Bus
Come Into My Kitchen
Try (Just a Little Harder)
If I Was From Paris
Ah Mary
Sweet Hands **
(((encore break)))
I Shall Be Released
White Rabbit
Watching You
Nothing but the Water (1 & 2)

The power went out across the festival site and part of the surrounding area approximately 2 hours prior to the beginning of the set (updates 1 through 4 are after the initial announcement which I didn't record). The band didn't take the stage until around 10PM.

** Contains Drum solo and NBTW2 intro

It's sort of an odd misnomer, but the festival sits just across the county line in Patrick County. There isn't much sense in labeling the txt file that way since nobody else does and it would fall out of any traditional searches for floydfest recordings (based on Floyd, VA)...

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