[bittorrent] Drive By Truckers, Shoals Theatre, Florence, Alabama 7/24/09 4011s

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Band:           Drive-By Truckers
Torrent Name:   Drive By Truckers,Shoals Theatre,Florence,Alabama 7/24/09 4011s
Uploaded by:    lynnzzz
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Description / text file:
Drive By Truckers
Shoals Theatre,Florence,Alabama

cd # 1
Eddie Hinton Intro
Bulldozers And Dirt
Ghost to Most
Living Bubba
3 Dimes Down
Puttin' People On The Moon
Where's Eddie *
Everybody Needs Love**
Checkout Time In Vegas
Homefield Advantage

cd # 2
That Man I Shot
Where The Devil Don't Stay
Steve McQueen
Marry Me
I'm Eighteen
Encore:Zip City
A World Of Hurt
Women Without Whiskey
Let There Be Rock
People Who Died ***

* David Hood on bass
** David Hood on bass, Shonna on acoustic guitar,Scott Boyer, Donnie Fritts background vocals
*** Damon on guitar tearing it up


FOB DFC:DPA(B&K) 4011s->Luminous Monarchs->V2->Luminous Synchestra 
Signature XLRs->SD 722 @ 24/96.SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab 5(edit/resample/dither)->FLAC.Recorded By Mark Lynn and Big Tom.Transfered by 
Mark Lynn(mark at ninebullets.org).

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