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Band:           Drive-By Truckers
Torrent Name:   Drive-By Truckers 2009-07-24 The Shoals Theater, Florence, Ala. (night two)  Avantone CK1              
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Description / text file:
Drive-By Truckers
Shoals Theater
Florence, Ala

Avantone CK1 (cardoid) > Fostex FR-2LE (stock)

DFC/FOB about 40' from stage; mics @ 7 feet high

CF > HDD > Sony SoundForge > CD WAVE > FLAC Frontend (Level 8 )

Set List:

01- Bulldozers And Dirt
02- Ghost to Most
03- Living Bubba
04- 3 Dimes Down
05- Puttin' People On The Moon
06- Tornadoes
07- Patterson introduces special guests
08- Where's Eddie *
09- Everybody Needs Love **
10- Patterson rap about the Shoals Theater
11- Checkout Time In Vegas
12- Homefield Advantage
13- That Man I Shot
14- Where The Devil Dont Stay
15- Steve McQueen
16- Marry Me
17- I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper)
18- Encore break

19- Zip City
20- A World Of Hurt
21- Women Without Whiskey
22- Let There Be Rock
23- People Who Died ***

   * David Hood on bass; Shonna on vocals
 ** Patterson on vocals, David Hood on bass, Shonna on acoustic guitar, 

Scott Boyer, Donnie Fritts background vocals
*** Damon the guitar tech on guitar

Running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

  This was the second night of the Truckers' two night run at The Shoals Theater in Florence, Ala., where Patterson recalled watching Disney movies as a kid. I remember that as well (and James Bond movies).  
  The band seemed more laid back, relaxed and more talkative than on Thursday. It could have been because Patterson's dad, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section member, David Hood, came out and played on two Eddie Hinton songs. Patterson seemed truly excited about it. Shonna played guitar on "Everybody Needs Love" and Scott Boyer from The Decoys and Donnie Fritts added backing vocals. It was a Muscle Shoals All-Star jam!
  The first set ended with Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" and ended the encore set with a blistering version of "People Who Died" by Jim Carroll.  There were a few songs that were played on Thursday, mostly Cooley's it seems, and of course, "Let There Be Rock."
  This was a real special occasion for the band, the hometown fans and the die hard Trucker followers who came to see the band play their hometown in 
an appropriate venue! Thanks to "Lurleen McQueen" for the set list! 

BTW, there were three other tapers at this show with better gear than mine, so check out their pulls as well!



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