[bittorrent] 2009-07-11 local h, west fest, chicago, il 16 bit

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Torrent Name:   2009-07-11 local h, west fest, chicago, il  16 bit
Uploaded by:    kingfishcigars
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=526983

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Description / text file:
Local H
West Fest
Chicago, IL

Source:     akg 480>ck61 (din, fob, dfc, 7ft, 30ft from stage)>lunatec v3>mtII @ 24/48

Transfer:   cf>hd>r8brain (resample and dither)>cdwav>tlh

01. intro/BMW Man 
02. Heaven On The Way Down >
03. Eddie Vedder
04. Michelle (again)
05. Simple Pleas
06. California Songs
07. Hands On The Bible
08. Buffalo Trace 
09. Taxi Cabs
10. 24 Hour Break-Up Session
11. All Right (Oh,Yeah)
12. All The Kids Are Right
13. Fritz's Corner
14. No Problem
15. encore break
16. Bound For The Floor > TV Eye (no lyrics) > 25 or 6 to 4 > BFTF
17. Back In The Day
18. Wolf Like Me

notes:  i played with this recording in post a bit, but was unable to remove sporadic wind and drunken clappers without impacting the sound of the band, so i left it as is.  as such the levels are a bit low, but cest la vie, welcome to recording at street fairs...  its a killer show.

i didnt track this out for 2 cds, but if i were to, the split should probably go before all right, oh yeah.  its your call though.

this recording is available as 16 and 24 bit filesets.

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