[bittorrent] Phish - Oswego County Airport, Volney, NY; 07-18-1999 [10 years ago today]

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish - Oswego County Airport, Volney, NY; 07-18-1999 [10 years ago today]
Uploaded by:    ClancyWiggum
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Description / text file:
Phish - 7/18/99
Oswego County Airport
Volney, NY

   FOB Neumann U89i (Omni, Split 6') > Apogee AD1000
   (recorded at 44.1kHz; no SRC)
   SGI 8000 > dat2wav > CDwav

Converted by Mike Chesnut (mdchesnu at uiuc.edu)
Distribution by John Tambroni (LiverLobes at aol.com)

Disc 1                  
 1. Punch You in the Eye        
 2. Farmhouse               
 3. Water in the Sky
 4. Bathtub Gin             
 5. Get Back on the Train*       
 6. Call Me if You Need a Fool*      
 7. I'm Blue I'm Lonesome*
 8. "Duo Breakdown"*
 9. Beauty of My Dreams*
10. The Moma Dance
   * = With the Del McCoury Band

Disc 2
1. Reba
2. Chalkdust Torture
3. Runaway Jim ->
4. Free

Disc 3
1. The Meatstick
2. Guyute
3. Axilla ->
4. Llama

Disc 4
1. My Soul
2. Piper ->
3. Prince Caspian ->
4. Wilson ->
5. Catapult/Banter
6. Icculus
7. Quinn the Eskimo

Disc 5
1. Fluffhead
2. Harry Hood (and Fireworks)

Setlist (borrowed from phish.net)

1: Punch You in the Eye, This Is a Farmhouse, Water in the Sky, Bathtub Gin,  
Back on the Train*, If You Need a Fool*, I'm Blue I'm Lonesome*^, Beauty of 
My Dreams*, The Moma Dance, Reba, Chalk Dust Torture 

2: Runaway Jim# -> Free, The Meatstick**, Guyute, Axilla##, Llama (1:00) 

3: My Soul, Piper### > Prince Caspian > Wilson -> Catapult^ -> Icculus^^, 
Quinn the Eskimo, Fluffhead 

E: Harry Hood^^^ (3+E 1:50) 

*With the Del McCoury Band. ^Del McCoury broke a string. **Trey explains the 
record attempt; Sofi Dillof dances on-stage dancing; Guinness Book of World 
Records staff videotaping the event; the record was not set. #With "Psycho 
Killer" jam. ##Entire Part I. ###With glowrings, and Trey on keys. ^Followed 
by banter and toying, all continuing an E chord from the end of "Wilson" 
(which was never finished). Trey gabbed about TV, books, and Deep Purple, 
teased "Smoke on the Water," compared it to "Cat Scratch Fever," and more. 
^^Followed by more talking, band introductions, a mention of the fan group 
CK5, and teases of "Miss You" (Rolling Stones). ^^^With fireworks. 

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