[bittorrent] Phish w/ GCH 1991-07-12 Colonial Theater, Keene, NH: AUDIENCE *Project 1991*

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish w/ GCH 1991-07-12 Colonial Theater, Keene, NH: AUDIENCE  *Project 1991*
Uploaded by:    moonmoog
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/88596
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=526650

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Description / text file:
Phish - 7-12-91 Set II
Colonial Theater, Keene, NH 

Source: Aud/2 - unknown mics (recorded in 1/95)

Transfer: Dennon DRW-840> Sony PCM-r500 at 44.1> Audiophile 2496> CD Wave Editor> FLAC on 4/11/05 by EEE. 

Files renamed to meet etree standards, re-flac'd and seeded to bt.etree 11/10/07 by EEE.

disc 1 (Set 2)
01. Tuning
02. Golgi Apparatus
03. The Squirming Coil
04. Moose the Mooche$*
05. Tweezer->*
06. My Sweet One*
07. Gumbo->*
08. Mike's Song->* 
09. I Am Hydrogen->*
10. Weekapaug/Groove*
11. Touch Me*
12. Oh Kee Pa Ceremony->*
13. Suzy Greenberg*
14. Sweet Adeline
15. Frankenstein*
16. Fee
17. Tweezer Reprise*

-tape flip during Weekapaug (joined using Cool Edit Pro)
-*With The Giant Country Horns
-$First time played
-For one disc buring remove Adeline

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