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Band:           Jackie Green
Torrent Name:   jg2009-07-05H2.flac24
Uploaded by:    vegeta_ban
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=526590

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Jackie Greene
Saturday, July 11, 2009
Mark G. Etess Arena
Section 103, row 17, seat 2, FOB
Atlantic City, NJ, USA

The Band:

Jackie Green on Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Nathan Dale on Vocals, Guitar
Bruce Spencer on Drums
Jeremy Plog on Bass



source: Zoom H2> Optima 4gb HC SD card> Cdwav> audacity (amplify db) > Trader's Little Helper

Recorded at 96 kHz 24 bit and resampled to 48 kHz 24 bit using audacity (not CD 44.1)

converted to flac using audacity.


1. I Don't Live in a Dream
2. Don't Let the Devil Take Your Mind
3. Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
4. Nothing Comes From Nothing
5. Gone Wanderin'
6. Shaken
7. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right
8. Animal
9. Sugaree*

*with Sarah Wasserman and Bob Weir

tracks:						 Time

01. Crowd					 00:18
02. I don't Live in a Dream#			 03:52
03. Don't Let the Devil Take Your Mind		 06:15
04. Farewell, So Long, Goodbye			 04:29
05. Nothing Comes From Nothing			 04:24
06. "Ya Guys do any gambling yet"- Jackie Greene 00:53
07. Gone Wanderin'				 03:03
08. Tunin'					 00:53
09. Shaken					 03:51
10. Tunin'					 00:39
11. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right			 05:10
12. Jackie Thanking crowd			 00:55
13. Animal					 07:13
14. Jackie introducing guests			 01:32
15. Sugaree					 11:13

					  total: 54:30

#. There is some noise at 42 seconds due to the mic stand being adjusted, 
we arrived as soon as Jackie got on stage.

Taped and edited by Jeremy Banaszewski (vegeta_ban)

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