[bittorrent] ErthaN - Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA 2009-07-10 Schoeps M/S

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Torrent Name:   ErthaN - Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA 2009-07-10 Schoeps M/S
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Description / text file:
Sherman Theater
Stroudsburg, PA
July 10. 2009

Schoeps MK8/MK21>Schoeps KCY 250/05I Active Cable>Schoeps VST62ui> Grace Design Lunatec V3>Sound Device 744t>Soundforge 9 (M/S processing, Fades, Sample/Bit Rate Conversion)>CDWAV>FLAC

Recorded By Keith Litzenberger From Row H Center (1st row of seats after dance floor)

01 Tuning
02 ?
03 Hitchiker Blues
04 ?
05 Stuck In Space
06 Viola Lee Blues
07 ?
08 ?
09 Shakedown St


Bad night for these guys, lousy PA mix and an empty house...but they played their hearts out regardless.  I had thought the mix was so bad that I deleted this set from the recorder after the set, however it remained on my back-up CF drive, so here it is for all who want it.

Their fans seemed to enjoy it, although most of the fans I saw treated it more like a cocktail party than a concert.  Why do people hang out and have conversations throughout the entire set? Why not enjoy the music you came to see and talk the BS later. You ain't at no keg party, STFU dance and LISTEN to the damn music

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