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Band:           Black Crowes
Torrent Name:   Black Crowes-2009-07-09-Kansas City Missouri
Uploaded by:    ELWOODP79
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Description / text file:
The Black Crowes
Voodoo Lounge at Harrahs Casino, North Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri
July 09, 2009
fob just left of center

01-Cursed Diamond
02-Under A Mountain
03-Walk Believer Walk
04-High Head Blues
05-Ozone Mama
06-I Ain't Hiding
07-Young Man, Old Man
08-Whoa Mule
10-My Morning Song
11-Oh Josephine
13-Movin' On Down The Line
14-Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
15-Twice As Hard
16-She Talks To Angels
17-Pimper's Paradise

Source: Studio Projects c4's> Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R-09 @24 bit 44.1khz
Transfer: SD Card > Harddrive > tracked in GOLDWAVE > Dither to 16 bit > Traders Little helper > FLAC
no other edits have been made, tracks are as they were recorded.
Recorded and Transferred By: Elwood (rphillipsjr at gmail.com)    

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 10, 2009, at 18:22:24

Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t01.flac:9d5d8c6597b4e60020257e47032922e7
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t02.flac:68a0dd85566591185cf78c315cf60a1d
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t03.flac:9bc186771fb41bad007ac554edc51de1
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t04.flac:5f39b9e59daf338b2affcd475879e8fa
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t05.flac:2ae9e2ab0adeeb6ab6495ff717d753ca
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t06.flac:deb7775dfdacc3e561fc5cec727146e1
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t07.flac:c91e1daa685fdd46d32dfb260ac50f63
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t08.flac:6b899318bc64828fbbb93f0c257a3290
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t09.flac:259add4f53220f51154c20182deb5463
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t10.flac:3cfd16b8ca6eba05aa856f96bef56a0d
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t11.flac:a3e727216dc7bbfd13a730d985e18071
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t12.flac:7a0424979e1f54046673ee3aba6a3bce
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t13.flac:22d2892c01b414eb4462b7ddd9f59303
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t14.flac:8d13170c0ecb31f2ed346ba96d2e8b93
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t15.flac:a5586c45b8d43de0e2c0f065c24e4629
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t16.flac:94b3962e68223307e4ec405c118b9354
Black Crowes-2009-07-09-t17.flac:fed9e0e4131d88dc08ec46b6a33d8c40

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