[bittorrent] Black Crowes - KC, MO - 2009-07-09

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Band:           Black Crowes
Torrent Name:   Black Crowes - KC, MO - 2009-07-09
Uploaded by:    mblindsey
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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
The Black Crowes
Voodoo Lounge - Harrahs Casino
Kansas City, MO

Source: Beyerdynamic MC930's > Grace Designs Lunatec V3 > Edirol R-44
Lineage: Reaper > CDWave > .Flac

Recorded @ 44.1/24

Taped by: Michael B Lindsey (walbo [AT] hotmail [dot] com)
Transferred by: Michael B Lindsey (walbo [AT] hotmail [dot] com)

Set: One

01. Cursed Diamond
02. Under A Mountain
03. Walk Believer Walk
04. High Head Blues
05. Ozone Mama
06. I Ain't Hiding
07. Young Man, Old Man
08. Whoa Mule
09. She
10. My Morning Song
11. Oh Josephine
12. Nonfiction
13. Movin' On Down The Line
14. Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
15. Twice As Hard
- encore -
16. She Talks To Angels
17. Pimper's Paradise* 

* last "Pimper's Paradise" - 10/19/05

Favorite Show Quote:  "Hey here is a loud one.  You can talk all the
way through this f'n one too." -CR after "She"

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