[bittorrent] Yonder Mountain String Band 2009-06-26. The Kline Theater, Bridgeport, CT. **4ch Neumann's fob**

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Band:           Yonder Mountain String Band
Torrent Name:   Yonder Mountain String Band 2009-06-26.  The Kline Theater, Bridgeport, CT.  **4ch Neumann's fob**
Uploaded by:    ncknottypine
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Description / text file:
Yonder Mountain String Band
June 26, 2009
The Kline Theater
Bridgeport, CT

**16 bit**

Source: Neumann KM140(din) + ak43(nos)>lc3>km100>V3>744t 
Location: fob/dfc
Transfer: 722>wavelab>cd wave>trader's little helper>flac
Taped & transferred by Jamie Scott

disc 1: set 1

1) Intro/Banter
2) Up on the Hill, Where they do the Boggie
3) Narrative>
4) Not Far Away
5) Narrative>
6) Rambler's Anthem
7) A Father's Arms
8) Crow Black Chicken
9) Crooked Hitch
10) Narrative>
11) Finally saw the Light>
12) Sidewalk Stars>
13) Narrative>
14) Jail Song>
15) Narrative>
16) Deep Pockets
17) Narrative>
18) Town
19) Narrative>
20) They Love Each Other
21) Narrative>
22) Ten> (Narrative included within Ten)
23) Narrative>
23) Bolton Stretch

disc 2: set 2

1) Intro/Banter
2) Midwest Gospel Radio
3) Steep Grades, Sharp Curves
4) Red Bird
5) Belle Parker
6) Oklahoma
7) Just the Same (w. the Stump)
8) Train Bound for Glory Land
9) June Apple
10) Snow on the Pines>
11) Death Trip>
12) snow on the Pines>
13) Raleigh & Spencer

Encore: Unplugged at the Lip of the Stage

1) Crowd/Banter
2) Crazy
3) Crowd/Banter
4) I'll Never Love Anybody But You Baby*
5) Crowd/Banter
6) Hit Parade of love
7) Crowd/Banter
8) Holding
9) Crowd/Banter
10) Good Hearted Woman +

* dedicated to Mark and Kim for their 5th wedding anniversary
+ dedicated to Stella

***Notes: I rolled off some gain during the encore banter's due to very high peaks in levels!
           I also added some gain to the songs, to try and level out the excessive highs and lows of the encore!***

**Thanks to C. Fox for the use of the 744/V3, thanks Charles!!!**

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