[bittorrent] Jackie Greene 08/30/2009 Chautauqua CO (Opened for Ratdog)

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Band:           Jackie Green
Torrent Name:   Jackie Greene 08/30/2009  Chautauqua CO (Opened for Ratdog)
Uploaded by:    phil_er_up
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Description / text file:
  Jackie Greene Opened for Ratdog
  Aug 30, 2009 8:00 - 11:90 PM
  Chautauqua Aud
  Boulder CO
  Total Time = 32:32 minutes
  Recorded by Patrick H.

  Source: Church Audio CA-11 card caps
  -> CA St-9000 (Gain +30) -> Edirol 
  R09HR (24/96) (Line In) (St9000 
  Gain = 55%, Edirol Record Level = 47)

  Location: Row one seat 54, about
  10 feet left of dead center. Had 
  a monitor pointed directly at my seat.
  Recorded from 4:30 to end of show.

  Transfer: Edirol R09HR (24/96) wav -> 
  USB cable -> PC

  Editing: Wavelab (plugins)-> Flac(16)

  MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
  By Patrick H. 08/31/2009

  Disc 1 Set 1 (32:28)
  01 Farewell, So long, good bye 4:13
  02 I hate to hear that train	 5:39
  03 I'm so gone		 6:04
  04 Back to Reason		 4:28
  05 I don't live in a dream	 4:37
  06 Hollywood			 4:09
  07 Taxman			 1:47
  08 Cissy Strut		 1:31


  D1T01 Adjusting Levels first minute 
  of show. I determined that I needed
  to change the gain from +20 to +30 
  and there is an aburt decrease in
  volume at 26 seconds and then I slowly 
  increase the volume back to normal levels 
  in first minute of this song.

  JG set was only 30 minutes long and
  he seemed to be playing fast. Crowd
  attendence was low for his set.

  I recorded 9th row seat 8. This seat is
  the row before the sbd and seat 8 is dead
  center. The SBD was directly behind me.
  This theater always has problems with 
  bass overload and JG set was no different.
  I postprocessed in wavlab to improve the
  sound. Very low crowd noise for a ratdog
  show with a 1000 people. This show was
  sold out and many were outside looking
  for tickets or a miracle. The sound of
  the recording is on the bassy side but
  still sounds quite good. I used the card
  caps that don't have the full bass octave
  which helps at this venue. For the ratdog
  set I turned on the bass rolloff on the
  CA ST9000 pre-amp. 

  Took photos and put them in a directory 
  called "pics". I guessed on song titles.
  Performance: A
  Sound Quality: B+/A-

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