[bittorrent] Nine Inch Nails - August 25th 2009 - Terminal 5 - New York, NY

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Torrent Name:   Nine Inch Nails - August 25th 2009 - Terminal 5 - New York, NY
Uploaded by:    ScreamingSlave(ETS)
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Description / text file:
Nine Inch Nails
Terminal 5
August 25 2009
New York, NY

Taper = BennyBlanco aka ScreamingSlave (ETS)

Location = Balcony directly above SBD center

Gear = DPA 4061>Custom BB>R09HR @ 24/96

Mild EQ, Downsample to 24/48, Tracking in SF9  > Flac 8

Technical Note - This is a 24 bit master torrent you will need to convert to 16 bit to burn to an audio cd.

Support the Band buy the Music and go see them Live !!!!!!

More info = http://www.nin.com

Notes : Amazing show amazing setlist!!! NYC shows got progressively longer and hotter it seemd as well as you can hear Trent clearly say Its fuckin hot in here.

Please enjoy this recording and please continue to support this great band after the touring is over by buying there amazing music.


1.  Home
2.  Terrible Lie
3.  The Beginning of the End
4.  Discipline
5.  March of the Pigs
6.  The Line Begins To Blur
7.  I'm Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie cover)
8.  Ruiner
9.  The Big Come Down
10. Burn
11. Gave Up
12. La Mer
13. The Fragile
14. Non-Entity
15. Eraser
16. The Way Out Is Through
17. 1,000,000
18. Letting You
19. Trent Speaks
20. Survivalism
21. Trent Speaks
22. Reptile (with Peter Murphy)
23. Kick In The Eye (Bauhaus cover) (with Peter Murphy)
24. The Hand That Feeds
25. Head Like a Hole
26. Crowd


27. The Frail
28. The Wretched
29. Trent Speaks
30. The Day The World Went Away
31. Dead Souls (with Peter Murphy)
32. Wish
33. Crowd
34. Hurt 

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