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Band:           Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Torrent Name:   gp2009.08.08.fob.egert.4022.722.flac16
Uploaded by:    aegert
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=527775

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Description / text file:
Band: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Date: 2009-08-08
Venue: Infinity Hall
Location: Norfolk, Ct.
Source: B&K 4022's (ORTF 3rd Row DFC stand 7-9') >> Sound Devices 722 ( HP filter 80Hz, -12Db) >> 24/96 WAV
Taped By: Adam Egert (aegert at motb.org)
Edited By: Adam Egert

Set 1

d1t01 - Joey 
d1t02 - Toothbrush And My Table
d1t03 - Come Into My Kitchen
d1t04 - 2:22
d1t05 - Big White Gate >
d1t06 - Mastermind
d1t07 - One Short Night
d1t08 - Some Kind Of Ride

Set 2

d2t01 - Introduction
d2t02 - Falling or Flying
d2t03 - Medicine >
d2t04 - Ah Mary
d2t05 - Stop The Bus >
d2t06 - Apologies
d2t07 - Paris
d2t08 - Woodstock film rap
d2t09 - Try (Just a Little Bit harder)
d2t10 - Sweet Hands
d2t11 - Encore Break
d2t12 - I Shall Be Released
d2t13 - Nothing But The Water (Part I)
d2t14 - Nothing But The Water (Part II)

If you have yet to go to Infinity Hall You are missing a rare treat. This is a one of a kind venue (300 seats killer sound). It’s the theater that Mark twain performed his Vaudeville Act at. It has been restored to all original down to the seats. www.infinityhall.com  .I was in the 3rd row DFC. The tightness of this venue makes the 3rd row about the same distance from the stage as any other 1st row. There was an annoying clapper, My friend sitting next to me, close to the mics. I have edited him out. This is a true Lip/ Mouth tape to be enjoyed. Close your eyes and you are right there. It is all stage sound virtually no PA. All vocals are from the monitors.

Editing was done only to raise the levels and to track.

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