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Torrent Name:   Nine Inch Nails 2009-08-22 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (AKG ck91)
Uploaded by:    acidjack
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Description / text file:
Nine Inch Nails
2009-08-22 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

An ACIDJACK master recording

Equipment: AKG ck91 cardiod capsules (Busman active mod)>custom battery box>R-09HR(24/48)
Position: In hat, FOB, about 30' from stage, center
Mastering: Raw WAV>Audacity (tracking, set fades, downsample to 44.1/16bit, fix channel issues, EQ)>FLAC (level 8) 

A simply phenomenal performance from Nine Inch Nails on their closing run.  It was my privilege to attend and record this show.  This and the remaining "farewell" performances will prove beyond all doubt why this band belongs in the pantheon of important bands from the past 20 years.  The Bowery Ballroom has always been a great place to see a show, but this exceeded even the best of expectations.  

This performance involved some pretty intense bass, which overloaded one of the mics at some points.  I have corrected this and done some EQ to get the sound in line.  Warning to future tapers on this tour: bring any attenuators you have and don't bother using mics without extremely high SPL tolerance!  Also, bring earplugs(!!!)

There were several tapers there and there will be other sources to compare. I hope you enjoy mine.  Honestly, no recording can quite do the moment justice, but I have tried.  Enjoy.


01 Somewhat Damaged
02 The Beginning Of The End
03 Last
04 The Collector
05 Discipline
06 March Of The Pigs
07 Something I Can Never Have
08 Reptile
09 crowd
10 Meet Your Master
11 Banged And Blown Through
12 crowd
13 Burn
14 Gave Up
15 La Mer
14 Non-Entity
15 Gone, Still
16 The Downward Spiral
17 Wish
18 Heresy
19 Survivalism
20 banter
21 Down In It
22 Hurt
23 The Hand That Feeds
24 Head Like a Hole
25 encore break
26 Echoplex
27 The Good Soldier
28 Dead Souls
29 In This Twilight 

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