[bittorrent] Jason Isbell and 400 Unit 2009-08-19 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI MBHO

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Torrent Name:   Jason Isbell and 400 Unit 2009-08-19 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI MBHO
Uploaded by:    soling
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Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Shank Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
August 19, 2009

MBHO MBP 603 Ka500hn (hypercardiod) > Aeta Mix 2000(analog) > Sound Devices 744t @ 24/48hz Audio Magic Presto II XLRs
DIN @6ft DFC at SBD ~ 75ft from stage
CF > Audacity @ 16/44.1hz > CD Wave > Flac(8) > TLH
Taper:  Soling (sdolan at wi.rr.com)

Run Time: 121:13

(1) Intro by Tom
(3) Grown
(4) Soldiers Get Strange
(5) Try
(6) God Damn Lonely Love
(8) Street Lights
(9) Chicago Promenade
(10) Dress Blues
(11) Seven Mile Island
(12) Psycho Killer
(13) Danko/Manuel
(14) The Assassin
(15) Decoration Day
(16) Encore Break
(17) Outfit

Thanks to Jason Isbell and 400 Units for allow me to tape their performance.

Jason Isbell  guitar, vocals
Jimbo Hart  bass, vocals
Browan Lollar  guitar, vocals
Derry deBorja  keys
Chad Gamble  drums

Support those artists and venues that allow taping. See them live, buy their merchandise, bring a friend to the show. This recording for trading only, not for sale.  Preserve the music, trade in lossless formats only (keep mp3 for personal use).

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