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Description / text file:
Bullfrog Brewery
Williamsport, PA

Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: Nak 300's (CP-2 caps, 10' from band, 6' on stand) > tascam HD-P2 > 24/48 > wavelab 5 > UAD Plugs > 
r8brain Pro > izotope ozone 3 mbit + > 16/44.1 > tlh flac lvl 8

disc 1

d1t01. Bad Bad Man
d1t02. Christopher St.
d1t03. Lies I've Told
d1t04. More
d1t05. Schenectady
d1t06. Abilene
d1t07. 25 Years
d1t08. no Future Together
d1t09. Alone On The Weekend
d1t10. New York City Found
d1t11. Music's Only Outlaw

disc 2

d2t01. Down On Your Luck
d2t02. The Contender
d2t03. Can't Slow Down
d2t04. Empty Pockets
d2t05. This Whole Zoo
d2t06. Listen Up Sweetheart
d2t07. Woman on the Interstate
d2t08. Helpless
d2t09. Strikes & Gutters
d2t10. Cat and Mouse



- These guys are great. I went on a whim, never hearing them before, and I am thankful I did. Very tight band all
around. The mando player is absolutely phenominal. 

- Huge thans to the bullfrog for letting me shuffle around again to try to find a decent way to set up in the bar.
This venue is great, but very tough to tape. The extra stout brew was great on this night :-)

- I had the opportunity to talk to this band, great group of guys, very pro taping. Please, if ya can, get out 
and record these fellas. You won't regret it. These guys have a great studio album out. Very well recorded, I would
certainly suggest grabbing a copy if the opportuity presents itself. 

- I have a cardoid source to work out of this too. The chattyness and metal everywhere are a bit overpowering 
sometimes. Aside from this, I favored the omni's. 

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- Taped, edited, Tracked, Flaced, and Packed by Bgreen

- First seeded to www.shnflac.net Aug/2009

- Brought To You By Live Music Preservation Project

- contact: lmpp.productions at gmail.com


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