[bittorrent] PHISH, 1990-06-02, Greenstreets, Columbia, SC (Unknown Source, but mostly complete)

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   PHISH, 1990-06-02, Greenstreets, Columbia, SC (Unknown Source, but mostly complete)
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Description / text file:
June 2, 1990
Saturday, June 2, 1990
Greenstreets, Columbia, SC

Source:  Unknown
Transfer:  Cass, ~4th gen > HHB > CDR > Flac

Disc One

Set I:
01.Uncle Pen
02.Dinner and a Movie >
03.Bouncing Around the Room >
06.The Lizards
Fire (Missing)

Set II:  

08.Divided Sky

Disc Two

01. HYHU > Love You > 
HYHU > Love You > HYHU
02.You Enjoy Myself 

04.Good Times Bad Times (CUTS!)

This isn't that bad of an audience recording, but apparently not much from this show circulates at all, so here you go.  The show is fairly amusing, hence why I bothered to transfer it from cassette to CDR and track the SOB. The recording lineage is unknown.  Tweezer has a "patch" in it, because it was cut from Side A to side B (presumably created when it was originally recorded on analog cassette). There are likely other flaws with the recording, given that it is from a high gen analog cassette. If you are outraged that this is being circulated in such quality, I sincerely empathize (feel free to email cdirksen at earthlink.net to complain, if that would make you feel better).

Show Notes from the current (2009-08-16)  Mockingbird Foundation setlists file:  It is unconfirmed whether Fire closed the first set or even was performed at all. Trey referred to HYHU as the “Henrietta Theme Song.” After Page played several measures of the second HYHU in the setlist, Fish said “There’s one more verse to this,” and then they played the final verse of Love You. Fish also continued to play vacuum during the third and final HYHU of the set, which also featured Trey repeating “Henrietta!” over and over again, singing it along to the music’s conclusion. Trey teased Call to the Post before YEM (as Fish was returning to his drum kit after HYHU). YEM also featured an insane, cacaphonous vocal jam. Before Contact, Fishman said “We would like to perform for you now the bass-player-is-taking-a-leak-song.” Fish then dedicated Contact to Paul Languedoc. Also before Contact, Page told the crowd that their bass player (whom Trey then referred to as “Michael Cactin”) would b
 ecome 25 years old at midnight. Trey added that Mike would now play everyone a love song.  

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