[bittorrent] Phish 8-14-97 Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY * FOB AKG's *

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish 8-14-97 Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY * FOB AKG's *
Uploaded by:    discocape
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Description / text file:
Darien Lake P.A.C
Darien Center, Ny 

Transferred & Seeded By:
Greg Lance
gotfob at hotmail.com

Source:(fresh transfer as of 11.16.05)
FOB > Akg 460/ck1's (in hat) > Active's > Sbm-1 > Dat > Clone @ 48k

Fostex D5 > Vx Pocket 440 > Toshiba 3480ct > Wavelab 4.0 > 
Normalized & Resampled to 44.1 > Cd wave > Flac

Disk I/Set Ia
01. Ya Mar
02. Funky Bitch*
03. Fluffhead
04. Limb By Limb
05. Free
06. Cars Trucks Buses
07. Tela
08. Train Song
09. Billy Breathes

Disk II/Set Ib
01. Run Like an Antelope 
Set IIa
02. Chalk Dust Torture
03. Love Me**
04. Sparkle
05. Harry Hood

Disk III/Set IIb
01. Colonel Forbin's Ascent > 
02. Merry Pranksters'# > 
03. Frankenstein/Funk Jam# 
04. Camel Walk
05. Taste 
06. Bouncing Around the Room
07. Rocky Top 

*Balloon hits mics, normalized as best as possible.
**For Elvis Week. 
# Colonel Forbin doesn't meet Icculus this time but rather finds Ken Kesey and 
The Merry Pranksters. At this time Kesey, dressed as Uncle Sam, appears on the stage 
and accounces that the Bozos have been missing for two years. He calls one by one the
Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and Frankenstein to help him find the Bozos, which soon appear as 
four white things in costume. After singing about the Bozos which are doing interpretive 
dance, the Pranksters all leave the stage after Kesey hears the "Bozo Mockingbird". Trey 
comments that this is what happens "after you do too much acid 30 years later..." Phish 
had been jamming (including McGrupp and Ghost teases) which had developed by this point 
into a deep funk jam. Trey announces that "we are supposed to start 'Famous Mockingbird',
but the funk is too deep." The band continues the funk jam and segues into "Camel Walk." 

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